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The Department for Education is seeking experienced industry professionals to help shape the future technical education system.

Industry professionals to lead technical education panels

As set out in the Skills Plan, ‘panels of professionals’ will develop occupational standards for new technical qualifications, as part of reforms to the 16+ skills system.

The reformed system will consist of 15 routes across all technical education, encompassing both college-based and employment-based learning. Each route brings together occupations with related skills, knowledge and behaviour requirements into groupings, such as ‘engineering and manufacturing’, ‘health and science’ and ‘digital’.

Together, these routes cover 13 million roles in the economy at the moment. This new framework will transform full- and part-time college-based courses into high-quality technical education options. These will fit coherently alongside reformed apprenticeships, and extend to the highest levels of education and training.

The Institute for Apprenticeships will expand to encompass all technical education, and will deliver reforms across both apprenticeships-based and college-based routes. As set out in the Technical and Further Education Bill, this will ensure a more consistent approach to high-quality technical and skills-based education.

The panels will sit in the new institute which will become operational in April 2017 and then formally take on responsibility for technical education in April 2018.

This is an exciting opportunity – both for practising industry professionals or representatives of an industry through a recognised professional body or trade association – to shape and improve technical education across England.

We are looking for professionals who are willing to commit their time and expertise in one of the following roles:

  • panel members: who will collectively be responsible for developing the standards for specific technical occupations by determining the key skills, knowledge and behaviours that individuals should meet to become competent – these will build on, and incorporate, apprenticeship standards
  • panel chairs: who, in addition to the above, will be willing to lead the overall panel for a technical route and facilitate the active participation of all panel members

These roles are hugely important to making our ambition a success. If you want to get involved, and have your voice heard, contact the Technical Education Panels of Professionals.

The closing date for applications is 13 February.

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