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The #FutureofEducation is to power up teachers, not just #EdTech

Put teaching before technology. That’s the message from Mike Sharples, Emeritus Professor of Educational Technology at The Open University.

Computer companies including Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are funding personalised learning systems, virtual reality history classes, even drones for teaching geography. But technology alone won’t solve the deep problems of education.

Sharples says, “We need to focus on how teachers make good use of technology to enhance learning, not just the technology itself. The key to this is pedagogy.”

Practical Pedagogy shows how innovations in teaching, learning and assessment can transform education. It provides insights into how to become more effective as a teacher and learner.

New teachers will find a comprehensive introduction to innovative ways of teaching and learning. Experienced educators will be surprised by the range of pedagogies, such as translanguaging, crossover learning, teachback, bricolage and rhizomatic learning.  

Policy makers will gain evidence of how new teaching methods work in practice, with resources for curriculum design and course development.

Drawing on material from the hugely influential Innovating Pedagogy series of reports, this book is a compilation of the 40 most relevant pedagogies, covering:

  • Innovative ways to teach and learn;
  • How pedagogies are adopted in new ways for a digital age;
  • Evidence on how and why different methods of teaching work, including case studies set in classrooms, informal settings, and online learning spaces;
  • Practical implications of the latest research into the science of learning, combining psychology, education, social sciences and neuroscience.

Organised around six themes:

  1. Personalization
  2. Connectivity
  3. Reflection
  4. Extension
  5. Embodiment, and
  6. Scale

Practical Pedagogy is a comprehensive source for teachers, policy makers, educational researchers and anyone interested in new ways to teach and learn.

Mike Sharples is Emeritus Professor of Educational Technology at The Open University, UK. He is Honorary Visiting Professor at Anglia Ruskin University, Centre for Innovation in Higher Education. His research involves pedagogy-informed design of new technologies and environments for learning. He is author of over 300 publications in pedagogy, science education, educational technology and the learning sciences.

Join Professor Mike Sharples and guests for the launch of Practical Pedagogy: 40 New Ways to Teach and Learn, 6pm May 16th, Anglia Ruskin University

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