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The IMI collaborates with Bentley to give graduates insight into the employment opportunities of automotive


The IMI collaborates with Bentley to give graduates insight into the employment opportunities of automotive

IMI and Bentley present webinar during National Graduate Week (21st -25th September)

With the aim of attracting the next generation into the motor industry, the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), in partnership with Bentley, is holding a webinar on Thursday 24th September as part of National Graduate Week (21st – 25th September). The session will cover the wide variety of graduate schemes available in the automotive industry, how best to apply, career pathways within the industry and a Q&A with hiring managers and graduates at Bentley.

Joanna Hollingdale, Careers & Student Membership Manager at the IMI said:

“We are very proud to be a part of National Graduate Week, and to have the opportunity to showcase opportunities by offering impartial information and advice on motor industry careers. And it is especially exciting that Bentley have agreed to be part of our webinar to give graduates further insight into their individual programmes and what they look for in graduate recruitments, particularly as its programme graduates are also joining us for the Q&A session. This will give inspirational real-life experiences of what it is really like to work in the industry.

“We want to ensure we are the industry of choice for the next generation of engineers, technicians, designers and many other vocations. From body repair to heavy vehicle engineering and leasing to renting, there are over 150 motor careers in the industry. Our aim is to attract the best and brightest young graduates and to show them there are an immense number of genuine career opportunities for a variety of skillsets. Who knows, some of those attending the webinar may well develop to be the industry leaders of tomorrow.

“With the growing focus on electric vehicles, zero emissions and connected driving technologies, it really is an exciting time to be joining the industry. We are very much looking forward to presenting this webinar and giving young people some inspiration and something to aim for while we live in these very challenging times.”


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