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Toe to Toe: Awais Hussain Balances Apprenticeship alongside Boxing Training as Apprentify Celebrates 17th National Apprenticeship Week

Toe to Toe: Awais Hussain Balances Apprenticeship alongside Boxing Training as Apprentify Celebrates 17th National Apprenticeship Week

Digital apprenticeship provider Apprentify is celebrating the achievements of its apprentices during the 17th annual National Apprenticeship Week (NAW). Commencing 5th February 2024, NAW’s theme this year is ‘Skills for Life’ reflecting on how apprenticeships can help drive growth for organisations and boost careers. To commemorate this calendar event, Apprentify is recognising the success of its apprentices, shining a light on London-based Awais Hussain.

Awais Hussain lives in London but is enrolled on as a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprentice and is the Marketing Operations Associate at global insight business, Wood Mackenzie. Awais has boxed at national level and currently balances his work and apprenticeship learning. While at college, he did not identify with the teaching styles, preferring the approach to learning he was familiar with through his boxing training.

Awais Hussain said: “I always felt like I was more of a practical and visual learner. I learn better when I was around a work environment and learning from someone teaching me… that’s where I best perform. When I heard about the bespoke apprenticeships that Apprentify offer, I knew that it would be the best fit for my learning style.”

Apprentify provides apprentices for organisations across the UK and has so far helped to elevate the careers of over a thousand people in the UK with their apprenticeship courses. Offering an alternative career path with on-the-job skills training while earning a salary and a qualification upon completion, Apprentify curate courses based on the industry developments while tailoring curriculum and coaching to the individual and organisational needs.

On his role at Wood Mackenzie, Awais added:

“This was my first time working in a corporate workplace, so it was a bit daunting at first, but everyone has been supportive and understanding. I can ask all the questions I want, without fear of being misunderstood. I go to work and I’m happy.”

Awais works with the performance team on providing data-driven insights to teams across the marketing department, utilising software including Microsoft Power BI, Salesforce and other industry leading data and analytics platforms.  Going forward, he hopes to continue to develop marketing and digital skills.

Wood Mackenzie welcomed its first cohort of apprentices in 2021 within the Sales and Marketing teams in London. Since then, the company has expanded the opportunity to other areas, such as Research, Data and Customer Success.

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