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Havant & South Downs College Travel & Tourism students jet off to Dubai

Travel & Tourism and Cabin Crew students from Havant & South Downs College had a taste of their future careers when they travelled to Dubai.

Students across the Level 1, 2 and 3 courses jetted off to the luxury city in March, where they experienced the heights of the Burj Khalifa and the haul-worthy shopping malls.

Cabin Crew students Molly Adsett and Amy Lawson were part of the group who travelled to Dubai. Speaking about the five-day trip, Molly said: “Our days were definitely packed full when we got to Dubai, we did the waterpark, went up the Burj Khalifa and went on a Jeep safari on the dunes.

“We also went shopping in both the Emirates shopping mall and the Dubai shopping mall which was amazing.”

Amy added: “Where we stayed was only ten minutes out of the city which was incredible. We had a pool on top of the hotel where we could see all the buildings including the Burj Khalifa!

“Even though the trip was mainly for fun, we definitely learnt things we could relate back to the course. For instance, we learn a lot about ground operations, so we were able to relate to a lot of the security that went on at the airport and all the procedures that go on.

“We were also watching the cabin crew on the aircraft and seeing how they work and their level of customer service which was really interesting.”

Speaking about their highlights from the trip, Molly said: “My highlight was the Jeep safari, because we got to cross the border into Abu Dhabi and got to ride camels.”

Amy said: “My highlight was going up the Burj Khalifa because that’s really a once in a lifetime experience to go up the tallest building in the world.”

The students also added how useful the trip is to experience the travel and tourism industry outside of the classroom.

Speaking about the course, Molly said: “I think everything we have been told from the beginning of this course has been geared around our CVs and how we portray ourselves in job interviews. It helped a lot doing travel and tourism last year as well.”

Amy added: “We have had a few mock interview days which have helped massively. They even bring in former students who now work for Virgin or BA and they help by telling you what to do better and how to improve.

“I would definitely say that if you want to work in cabin crew, this is the course for you. Even if you’re not sure but you want to go into the travel industry, this gives you the confidence to do so.”

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