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Wes Streeting MP praises UA92 initiative that tackles educational disadvantage

Passionate advocate for the fight against educational disadvantage, Wes Streeting MP (@wesstreeting) today visited University Academy 92’s (@UA92MCR) campus to discuss best practice in levelling up across education and find out more about the Make It For Real initiative.

The Shadow Child Poverty Secretary visited the Trafford campus to hear about UA92’s deliberately different approach to higher education and the package, worth £5,000, which he hailed as a shining example of positive action to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds access higher education.

“Having received free school meals as a child, I know how big a difference UA92’s support package will make to students. Initiatives such as Make It For Real help provide young people from all backgrounds with the opportunity to get a university education,” commented Wes.

Kate Green MP, Shadow Education Secretary, joined Wes at the tour to meet UA92 CEO Sara Prowse, Make It For Real influencers and students.

Sara Prowse, UA92 CEO commented:

“It is shocking to think that just 26.3%* of students eligible for free school meals progress to higher education compared to 44.9% of their peers who do not receive free school meals.

“With our vision to make higher education accessible to all, our support package of education essentials is available to young people under 20 who have received free school meals in their last years of school or college. The package includes a free laptop, data for 3 years, travel to UA92, lunch every day for three years and a home starter voucher, and is designed to help these young people think again about higher education by providing them with some of the fundamentals for successful study which are often forgotten costs.”

UA92 is working in partnership with a number of brands to deliver the Make It For Real package. Students eligible for the grant will each receive a Microsoft Surface Pro laptop and unlimited Talk Talk data for three years, Co-op lunch vouchers (five days a week, 52 weeks of the year for the length of their course) £150 Dunelm home vouchers and free travel to get to UA92.

To qualify for the package, students need to currently be in receipt of free school meals or did so in their last year at school or college. The Make It For Real package is available to the current intake of undergraduates applying through UCAS. The campaign will reach all corners of the UK, focusing initial activation through communities in Greater Manchester. For more information on the Make It For Real support package and details how to apply visit

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