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UCW offers $455,000 to international students needing to self-isolate

University Canada West (@UCanWest) is stepping up to provide $455,000 in financial relief to international students who are required to self-isolate for their first 14 days in Canada. 

Starting from Saturday 1 August, the University will provide each student self-isolating in a hotel with a $650 voucher, as well as additional support. This $455,000 commitment to incoming students is meant to help offset the cost of self-isolating away from home for two weeks. 

“These are already uncertain and challenging times for our students,” said UCW President Brock Dykeman.

“This initiative will help ease the extra financial burden our students now face when they come to Canada to pursue their education.” 

Students arriving in British Columbia are currently required to submit a self-isolation plan, a legal commitment to self-isolate that is enforceable under the Public Health Act. The plan must include where the student will stay, how they will get there (it can’t be on public transit), how they will get groceries, and how they will access essential services and medical care. 

“We want our students to know that we are here to support them,” Dykeman said. “In addition to the financial support, our Student Affairs team will conduct regular check-ins to ask about their mental and physical wellbeing, and will provide them with online social, wellness and entertainment activities.” 

UCW has also compiled a list of isolation resources for incoming students, which includes special accommodation rates for its students at various hotels in Vancouver offering isolation packages. 

The vouchers are valid for new students starting their UCW program in the Fall (October) 2020 Term, either face-to-face in Canada or online, and arriving within three months after travel restrictions are lifted. Some terms and conditions may apply. 

“The health and safety of our students, staff and faculty are at the forefront of our response to COVID-19,” Dykeman said.  

The University recently announced a return to on-campus learning for the fall term. Starting in October, UCW will implement blended learning program delivery. This means that many students will have both online classes and limited on-campus learning.  

Students will do online preparation work for their course before attending on-campus learning sessions with professors. UCW is introducing comprehensive safety measures as we prepare to welcome students back. 

Students unable to take classes in Vancouver for the Fall Term will still be able to take their classes online and start on-campus studies at a later date. 

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