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Ufi are looking for projects that address the VocTech Challenge

@UfiTrust Launches New Grant Fund: How can VocTech address barriers and build bridges to create a step-change in learner confidence and motivation, leading to better outcomes for the learner, for the employer and society as a whole?

This Challenge is focused on adults impacted by the digital divide and furthest away from learning so they can gain the confidence to get the skills they need for work.

Opening on 29 June, the fund has been developed in response to Ufi’s VocTech Challenge Green Paper, which found how confidence was a major barrier to vocational learning for those most at risk from economic and digital exclusion.

There are several current and emerging technologies that could be developed or deployed to improve accessibility, create a supportive learning environment, and offer increased personalisation and motivation to start or keep on learning, and we’d like to support ideas that have a real impact on learners.

We are running a series of online workshops to help applicants who are thinking of applying. Applicants who attend our workshops are much more likely to be successful.

VocTech Challenge Funding Call Workshop

This virtual workshop gives you the opportunity to hear more about what we are looking for and ask any questions you might have. The workshop also offers the opportunity for networking and small group discussions about your ideas with members of the Ufi team and other applicants.

‘Exploring the VocTech Challenge’ Workshop Series

Join the Ufi team for a series of expert panel discussions on designing and developing projects for people who are furthest away from vocational learning and for whom confidence and motivation are barriers to learning.

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