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UK in top 4 when it comes to reducing #STEM Gender Gap

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The countries where females dominate the engineering market.

More than 50 years ago in 1960 women made up only 1% of the engineering workforce – however, times have changed and the disparity between males and females is getting better, but really where are all the women working in engineering based?

It’s no secret that the engineering industry in the UK is predominantly made up of male workers, but is this the same throughout Europe? How do other European countries compare on how much of their engineering workforce are women? 

RS Components have analysed data to discover which European country has the most females working in engineering in comparison to the overall number of engineers in each given country. 

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Key findings:

Italy takes the top spot – 66.4% of the engineers are female meaning they dominate that industry in that particular country 

Latvia has over 50,000 engineers in their country – 52.3% of which are women

Ireland has nearly 250,000 engineers in the country – 48.7% are female

The United Kingdom ranks 4th place with 46.4% of the engineers being women

Germany has the most engineers overall in Europe – with 3,267,200 engineers and 32.9% of them being women, Germany is one of the top countries in Europe for engineering

Laura Giddings, STEM Education Manager, RS Components comments:

“It’s important for us to engage with children from a young age to ensure they grow up to know that both boys and girls have a place in STEM subjects”

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