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University Application Support for Exeter College students

All 2nd year students applying to university should now have their UCAS applications underway. UCAS has now opened the application cycle for this year and we encourage students to make an application as soon as possible. Increasingly there is a trend across the country towards making early applications. Students should keep in regular contact with their tutor if making a UCAS application and check their college email account regularly for updates on UCAS support, deadlines and key messages, and events.
To support this process we run regular UCAS drop in clinics. These are currently taking place daily 12:00-2:30 in the Progression and Employability hub, Tower Foyer. As we near the UCAS deadline these will reduce so please encourage your son/daughter/young person to check their college emails for Progression and Employability updates.

Students can attend a UCAS drop in for support with: 

  •  Researching university courses
  •  Completing the UCAS application form
  •  Personal statement writing 

We also look forward to hosting a number of university institutions at the college for bespoke sessions throughout October and November, together with our own sessions to support students with studying abroad, medical applications and personal statements for all courses.

The Exeter College Medical Society has been supporting with various activities in partnership with Exeter Medical School and we are also now pleased to be partnering with the Exeter RD&E to offer all of our students, particularly those with interest in medicine or the healthcare professions, volunteering opportunities. Students interested in a medicine, veterinary or dentistry pathways are encouraged to email the progression and employability team in order to join our extra-curricular medical society, if they have not already done so.

If UCAS is new to you, or you’d like to make sure you’re up to date with the college process, please view the Parents Talk that we gave in June 2018 ready for this cycle.

Receiving offers from universities and making choices

After submitting their UCAS form, students will start receiving decisions from universities via their online ‘track’ account. Students are only able to keep two offers from the maximum of five original choices applied for. It is recommended that students ensure that they are happy with their programme choice, university location and accommodation before applying and certainly before accepting an offer. Should students fail to receive offers from their first round of applications or change their choice of course they can take advantage of UCAS ‘Extra’ which starts in February 2018. This enables students to make additional choices. Students can visit the UCAS website for how this system operates or talk to the progression and employability team.

Higher education student finance

It is important for students and parents to be aware of the financial implications of going on to higher education, not only in terms of the loans which will be accumulated over the period of study, but also the level of repayments and the availability of university specific bursaries and scholarships. The Student Finance England website contains information on the financial support available to students. There is also a calculator on the site which will assess how much support applicants can expect from the Government and higher education institutions that they are applying to. All 2018 UCAS applicants will need to make an application for their student finance package. This can be done online from January 2019 and should be completed by the end of May 2019 to ensure arrangements are in place for the beginning of the university academic year in September. 

Did you know Exeter College offers a wide range of university level courses?

Working in partnership with other educational institutions, including Plymouth University, University of Exeter and University of St Mark & St John, we deliver a variety of higher national certificates (HNCs), higher national diplomas (HNDs), bachelor of arts (BA Ord) and bachelor of science (BSc) degrees and foundation degree (FdA and FdSc) programmes. 

News from the progression and employability team

This term we have been working with the National Citizen Service to promote this fantastic programme to our students. We have had several visits and presentations from the local NCS Team. This programme is designed to support students in enhancing their personal development through an exciting programme consisting of: 

  • Adventure activities (as part of a residential)
  • External speaker workshops and mentoring
  • Community engagement project 

For more information please visit the website or contact the progression team. 

Our dedicated progression and employability team offers advice to all students, whether they are considering university, a foundation degree, an Apprenticeship or a job or training after college. We encourage any learner who feels they need help and support in finding the right direction to come and talk through their options. Students can book an appointment during their free periods via the homepage of their eILP (their student intranet).

For more information and advice the team can be contacted on 01392 400330 or [email protected].

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