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Unlocking the Power of Technology in Apprenticeships: Insights and Future Possibilities

Susanna Lawson

Susanna Lawson, Ambassador and Founder of OneFile, discussed the current landscape of the apprenticeship sector, highlighting both challenges and opportunities. Challenges include the cost-of-living crisis, difficulties in recruitment due to salary expectations, the ongoing debate about remote work or hybrid models, and colleges facing financial constraints leading to shorter operating weeks.

There is also a decline in lower-level apprenticeships which should be addressed, but on the bright side, there has been an increase in employers seeking degree-level apprenticeships as an alternative to traditional graduate schemes. 

Opportunities and Challenges:

 Susanna Lawson highlighted the immense potential for edtech founders to combine the education and technology sectors. Exciting advancements such as AI offer opportunities to explore learning styles, adaptive learning, and the power of augmented and virtual reality. These immersive experiences can significantly enhance students’ information retention and engagement.

Susanna speaks on how it is crucial to be mindful of the ethical considerations surrounding AI, for example, while AI can help eliminate bias in recruitment processes, it is important to acknowledge that its effectiveness relies on the programmers behind it, so we must recognise that the outcomes we obtain are a direct result of the inputs we provide. 

As an EdTech Founder:

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