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VGC launch new approach to learning and development to help everyone achieve their potential

Ciara Pryce, group services director for VGC

VGC Academy launched 

VGC provides skilled people to major civil engineering, rail and construction contracts in the UK. 

The VGC Academy has been designed to help people create tailored development plans so that they can succeed in their roles and work towards career goals.

From apprenticeship level through to graduate development and people looking to go that extra mile, there’s a wide range of opportunities.

The VGC Academy features a core and intermediate development programme which focuses on behaviours like innovation, adaptability, tenacity, resilience, client focus, teamwork and diplomatic sensitivity. 

It has been developed with HR and learning and development specialists to ensure everyone gets the support they need to achieve their potential, wherever they started their VGC journey.

All staff will undertake the core and intermediate programmes and there will also be a new management and leadership programme starting in 2020 called the Workforce Leaders programme

It aims to identify people to become workforce champions and workforce leaders with on-site responsibilities such as reporting health and safety concerns, close call reporting, promoting Be safe rules, delivering modern slavery presentations and promoting fairness inclusion and respect.

 The VGC Academy aims to deliver 

  • meaningful conversations about careers 
  • access learning opportunities that will help people to progress
  • get constructive feedback on job performance 

Ciara Pryce, group services director, said: “Working with learning and development and HR specialists, we have set out a behavioural competency framework designed to reflect our values and be relevant for everyone. 

“It focuses on positive, values-led behaviours that transfer across all areas of our work and enable people to plan their goals, work well together and deliver results.

“VGC is defined by our values, by the things we believe are important. 

“We plan to give all of our people the support they need to achieve their potential, whatever their role and wherever they started their VGC journey.”

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