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Vibrancy of Newtown College Community Art Exhibition

Visitors were invited to Newtown Enterprise Hub to view the ‘Vibrancy of Community’ exhibition featuring artwork from Newtown College Art and Design department.

The project was part of a collaboration between the Enterprise Hub and the College, with a brief to create artwork that reflects the hub’s values of community, growth, innovation, collaboration and inspiration.

The project aimed to bring new artists’ work into the 140 year old Royal Welsh Warehouse Building and to showcase and celebrate the often otherwise unseen talents of these great young local artists.

The exhibition allowed the artists to deliver their own interpretations of the brief and brought a variety of fantastic results including contemporary art, photography, print work, architecture designs and conceptual art.

Visitors to the exhibition were encouraged to provide feedback on the display pieces and there was a lot of praise for the thought that had gone into the exhibits. Feedback from the visitors suggested they had recognised the brief in the art produced. Comments received included;

‘The piece reflected a strong statement about the amount of activity and productivity in Mid Wales.’ Others commented on the relevance of the colours and energy conveyed.

One visitor remarked that they liked the portrayal of local beauty and the use of Welsh flowers and others commented on how artists had captured the spirit of the building.

Russell George AM also attended the exhibition to show his support.

Holly Jones, Enterprise Hub co-ordinator said:

”We are delighted to work together with Newtown College Art department for this collaborative project which both utilises our hubs wonderful open space and supports new local artists.”

Carys Evans, Art lecturer at Newtown College said:

”It’s a great opportunity for students to work toward a brief from an outside organisation and to be able to display their talents in this way, we would like to thank all those involved for supporting this opportunity for our students.”

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