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VLE Support Limited acquires Midas Systems (London) Limited

6th May 2016: VLE Support Ltd, the developers of software products including eTrackr (the student management system and eILP), eNotify and eConsole, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Midas Systems (London) Ltd, the company behind SpirALS, TEAM, ATLAS and ATLAS Mobile.

Midas’ products are dedicated to the Learning Support provision within the FE sector, enabling users to track and monitor many aspects of the Learning Support funding and student requirements. The new ATLAS Mobile now enables Learning Support Assistants to interact with the system and log their activities with the student. The combined customer base equates to 45% of the colleges in England, and this continues to grow at a rapid rate. The acquisition is a crucial move, ensuring a stronghold in the teaching & learning, quality, student services and support areas of FE and 6th Form Colleges. Midas Systems (London) Ltd was set up 22 years ago by Carol Miles and Hugh Clinton, developing a system called Midas as a tool for the staff working in the area of learning support, which enabled them to track and monitor the various funding streams, and the support given to students with learning support requirements. Over the years, they have built up an extremely good reputation, and continue to deliver high level of support to their customers. Midas launched the new system, ATLAS, in July 2015, which has so far been very well received by its users.

Mark Trinick, Managing Director of VLE Support Limited, is very excited at the prospects for the future by bringing together two companies who are extremely well regarded in their customer support provision and the high quality of their software products. He said: “This is a very exciting time for the sector, bringing to the market a unique set of connected systems and tools, supporting the sector to the very highest of standards. Furthermore, the company acquisition will provide the ability to link the Learning Support areas of a college to the core activities and main systems, such as eTrackr, eNotify and eConsole, delivering an unrivalled and unique service.” The acquisition was completed on 6th May 2016, and creates an organisation with a set of systems covering many aspects of the college provision: eTrackr, eNotify, eConsole, ATLAS , ATLAS Mobile, SpirALS and TEAM.

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