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Free Travel For Newcastle Young Adult Carers

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NEWCASTLE City Council has teamed up with local transport providers to offer young adult carers free travel across the Metro, bus and ferry.

One in 12 of the city’s young adults have a caring role and often ”struggle with no support” according to the Byker based charity Newcastle Carers.

The free card, the first of its kind in the UK, will give young adults aged 16 to 24 with caring responsibilities a season ticket which will give them free travel on all public transport across Tyne and Wear. The new travel card will remain valid until March 2026 or until a young adult’s 26th birthday, which ever comes first.

According to local research young adult carers have stressed the impact that travel costs can have on their wellbeing and opportunity to access post-16 education, training and job opportunities, as well as enabling them to meet up with friends and relatives. In response the Evry Plan, the local authority’s ”innovative plan” to support the city’s young people, has partnered with transport providers to offer extra support.

Coun Nick Kemp, the Council’s leader, said:

”Listening to and addressing the needs of our children and  young people is a key priority for us. Our young adult carers do an amazing job. We’re proud to support this latest project which will give them the opportunity to access education, training and employment as well as socialise with their friends and family.”

Luke Bramhall, CEO of Newcastle Carers, said:

” We are delighted that young carers and young adult carers will be able to access free travel. Caring for someone can be incredibly demanding and often restricts young people’s ability to get out and about, including access to vital education and employment. We wholeheartedly support the Travel Card scheme, and at Newcastle Carers, we will support young people with caring responsibilities to access it so they can thrive in Newcastle.”

Young carers who are eligible can get more info and apply for a free Travel Card via the Newcastle Carers website, Young Adult Carers/ Free Travel Card – Newcastle Carers

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