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A passion for raising awareness on environmental concerns

Angelina Khan, Creative Arts student from Waltham Forest College, is here to make a real impact in her new role as the Students’ Union Sustainability Officer.

Waltham Forest College is committed to ensuring that its impact on the environment both locally and globally is minimised, via efficient use of resources, energy, and in its purchasing and waste management policies. The College has committed to reduce its carbon footprint and strive to be carbon neutral and have a Students’ Sustainability Action Group to help drive this change.

Angelina Khan, sustainable fashion enthusiast and Students’ Union Sustainability Officer, shares insights of her plans to drive the awareness and help tackle climate emergency.

“I choose Waltham Forest College because I wanted to venture outside my borough and try something new; plus, I also heard really good things about the College! Three years on, I’m quite proud to be able to say that as a college, we are taking the steps to do our part in becoming a sustainable and green college.

“When I attended my year 3 induction in September, I was informed of a new role within the Students’ Union Team – Sustainability Officer. My friends encouraged me to nominate myself, being such a highly confident, climate-conscious person, I knew I would be able to contribute skills and knowledge gained from past experiences.

“I was previously involved in a project known as the Listening Circles in Hackney, formed to help bring about climate consciousness. This was an eye-opening experience that made me realise that there were many people who are concerned with climate emergency but uninformed on how to respond. That was the beginning of my passion to do my part to help raise the awareness.”

Angelina goes on to share her plans in her new role as Sustainability Officer.

“I plan to take my role seriously and achieve all that we as a team set out to do, in making all (especially young people) feel empowered to take small steps to effect change, and to raise the awareness on the simplicity of getting involved!.

These include…

  • Having more access to waste sorted bins around campus
  • Maximise usage of the College’s eco-friendly water bottles by encouraging re-filling via the College’s water dispensers
  • Facilitate a ‘Swop Shop’ for students and staff to swop unwanted clothes & tech items
  • Organise & deliver themed workshops on upcycling and recycling
  • Introduce eco-incentives for learners, such as tokens or points to reward their sustainable efforts 

If you would like to know more about the College’s Sustainable Green initiative and impact, visit the College website at to access more information in the College prospectus.

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