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How To Land a Job As a Web Developer With Your Resume

You’ve got the skills and the connections. So why aren’t you getting that job that you’re totally qualified for? Having a polished and current resume that takes into consideration the specifics of your field is the best way to up your chances of getting that call back on your latest job applications. To give your resume a boost and increase your chances of success, take into mind the tips listed below.

Understand the Importance of the Resume

With the many accomplishments that web developers can end up with under their belt, it can be easy to forget the importance of resumes which can seem stuffy and archaic in today’s tech industries. Your first step to having a stellar web developer resume is realizing that resumes don’t have to be boring or irrelevant. Your resume is your first opportunity to flaunt your skills and show your company of choice just how perfect you are for the job. With how competitive the industry is, you will have to use every resource at your disposal to stand out. Your first chance to showcase why you are the best pick for the job is your resume.

Know Your Languages

Make sure you have proficiency in the token web programming languages and list them accordingly. You will be expected to be familiar and comfortable with common programming languages such as Java, Python, C++ and Perl. Include a section that references your technical skills – these languages in particular – on your resume. Make sure it is easy to read and visually pleasing. In addition to remembering to cite your proficiency with programming languages in your resume, be prepared to demonstrate your proficiency during an interview.

Flaunt Your Accomplishments

One of the most important areas that will help demonstrate how qualified you are for the job you are applying for is your experience. Highlighting your experience goes beyond listing your areas of previous employment by company name and job title. Go out of your way to mention the projects you had an impactful hand in and discuss what you accomplished during your time there. You will also want to mention any passion projects you participated in that hold strong relevance to the job you are applying for. Keep in mind that the experience you list doesn’t have to only include your paid experience.

Highlight Being a Perfect Fit

Understand exactly what sort of position you are applying for and make sure your resume is tailored to suit that role. Many applicants suffer from using the exact same resume for a multitude of job applications that may not involve the same work or title. Ensure that your resume is edited to highlight your skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for. These adjustments may involve placing stronger emphasis on certain areas of experience or skills. In some cases, you may want to adjust the tone of the language used within your resume entirely. Make sure you always save a master copy and a backup of your resume and any edited versions to make this process easier.

Understand Their Company

Do research into the companies you are applying for. Put work into understanding their goals and values. Examine their mission statement in particular. By digging through the company’s site, you may be able to note certain buzzwords that are synonymous with the company’s goals. Consider incorporating the use of relevant buzzwords to demonstrate how much of a fit you are for their company. You will also want to do research into the company’s history and their company culture. Demonstrating your knowledge of the company’s background will help you proficiently express your reasons for wanting to work with that company in particular. In addition to being impressive, understanding the culture at the company you are applying to will help you determine if you will fit in with present staff and the environment they seek to cultivate.

By putting in extra work and attention to detail, you can make your resume stand out and increase the number of callbacks you receive.

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