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Online education platform selected as part of National Tutoring Programme to support disadvantaged pupils

The Government’s National Tutoring Programme (NTP) aims to improve access to tutoring to support pupils who need it most during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Online teaching and learning provider, Tute, has been chosen to help address the Covid-19 attainment gap and support disadvantaged pupils across England through the National Tutoring Programme (NTP).

Available from Monday, 2nd November, Tute will deliver high-quality tutoring to primary and secondary schools as part of the subsidised NTP framework.

Covid-19 has caused widespread disruption for students up and down the country, with an estimated 2.5 million children missing out on education due to school closures, according to research from The London School of Economics. This partnership reflects the Government’s and Tute’s commitment to ensuring no students are left behind because of the pandemic.

As an approved Tuition Partner, Tute will support disadvantaged students whose education was disproportionately affected during lockdown. Through live, interactive online lessons delivered by their qualified teachers, Tute will provide tuition in core subjects across Key Stages 1-4 in mainstream, alternative provision and special educational needs (SEND) settings.

For some learners who struggle in traditional classroom environments, studying online during the pandemic has been a positive experience. Research from The National Tutoring Programme found that nine in ten children felt more confident learning in a virtual setting over lockdown. As an online classroom, schools in any region can access Tute’s tutoring provision.

Tute’s online classroom means that schools in any region can access the lessons, ensuring that students can continue to receive outstanding tutoring remotely, in case of self-isolation or local lockdowns.

Vanessa Leach, Managing Director at Tute, said:

“As schools continue to grapple with the challenge and uncertainty of Covid-19, it’s essential that we support teachers with the fantastic work they’re already doing to help students catch up on any learning missed over lockdown.

“We’re extremely proud to be part of the National Tutoring Programme and delivering high-quality online tutoring to students at greatest risk of slipping behind in their education. It’s what we’ve always done so we are thrilled to be a Tuition Partner.

“Remote learning presented unique difficulties for children from disadvantaged backgrounds – young people need accessible resources and continuity with their education now if we want to close the widening attainment gap and provide all students with the skills necessary to thrive in life.”

Robbie Coleman, Director of the secretariat of the National Tutoring Programme, said:

“The National Tutoring Programme has one simple aim – to support teachers and schools to support their pupils who have missed out the most as a result of school closures. We’re pleased to welcome our new Tuition Partners who will make tutoring accessible to disadvantaged pupils who need it most.

“The National Tutoring Programme is a tool for teachers. We hope that by providing high-quality, cost effective tutoring to disadvantaged pupils the NTP will make a difference to those who need it most across the country.”

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