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The Youth Voice Census 2022 Invites Young People To #AddYourVoice

Young people in the UK are invited to share their experiences of life, study and work in the #YouthVoiceCensus 2022 which will capture data from 11–30-year-olds.  The survey is open from 31st March until the 31st May 2022.

The Youth Voice Census is an annual survey run by Youth Employment UK. It acts as a temperature check of how young people feel; by giving them the chance to share how they feel about issues related to education, employment, training, work and where they live.

Each year, the findings help to create a backbone of big data evidence for improving policy and youth support in the UK.

Laura-Jane Rawlings, Chief Executive Officer, Youth Employment UK

Youth Employment UK’s CEO, Laura-Jane Rawlings, says:

“Our annual Youth Voice Census is the most important piece of work we do. It allows young people to share their voice on the experiences and services available to them throughout education and their next steps.

“Since its pilot in 2018, nearly 10,000 young people have told us their story, enabling us to build a picture of how young people are feeling about where they are right now, what is working for them and what is not. We have been able to share what is working and what improvements need to be made, together with partners across the sector and with UK Government policy makers. This year we want to reach more young people than ever – support us by adding your voice.”

You can help Youth Employment UK spread the word about this year’s Youth Voice Census by sharing the media pack and social media messages.

When you share the Youth Voice Census 2022, you play a vital part in helping young peoples’ voices get heard by those who need to hear it most. 

When sharing the Youth Voice Census and social media messages, remember to include this year’s official hashtags #AddYourVoice and #YouthVoiceCensus.

Youth Employment UK is an independent, not for profit social enterprise founded in 2012 to tackle youth unemployment.

As experts on youth employment and unemployment, they are ideally placed to understand the complex landscape facing young people, educators, employers and policy makers.

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