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Frederico Soares, SENAI college, discusses vocational skills in Brazil

FE News catches up with Frederico Soares from SENAI, the largest Latin American college providing vocational training, to discuss vocational skills in Brazil. SENAI works across 27 states across Brazil, offering 2.3 million enrollments every year.

Frederico explains that, because of the huge growth in the Brazilian economy, SENAI has set themselves a challenge to double their offering to more than four million enrollments per year by 2014. 

Interestingly, according to recent projections from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Brazil is projected to overtake the UK as the sixth largest economy in the World. In the WorldSkills London 2011 competition, Brazil beat the UK team by just one point to be fourth in the world. Projections from the EIU report suggest that Brazil’s economy should be bigger than any in Europe by 2020.

So what can we learn from our Latin American friends about their vocational skills development? 

Click on the link below to hear what Frederico has to say about how the group is developing its vocational skills strategy:


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