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Meet the UK’s #1 Advocate For Young Business Minds

For many years, entrepreneurs were seen as older men who wore dark, dull suits and worked in even darker and duller offices.   

However, things have changed over the past few years and the term entrepreneur is now synonymous with young people who make money from their bedroom using nothing more but their smartphones.

One person who knows exactly how the mind of a young entrepreneur works is Ted Lawlor, the UK’s #1 Advocate for Young Business Minds as he’s spent almost 5 years helping young people across the country get involved in the business world via his platform ‘If Only They Knew’.  

Ted recently appeared on ITV News talking about the impact that his platform has had on the young entrepreneur scene in the UK, but what is his story?  

Growing up in Bermondsey, South London, Ted struggled with his mental health for many years and in 2017, the University student was faced with a depression so bad that it began shutting down his immune system – leaving marks over his face.   

Fortunately, Ted created ‘If Only They Knew’ to allow him to focus on building a positive future and begin connecting with like-minded individuals – all of which helped his mental health.   Fast forward almost 5 years later and If Only They Knew has recently been named the Best Business Podcast of 2022 as the podcast not only charted at top 5 in the iTunes charts, but also featured some of the best up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the country – including candidates from BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Dragons Den’.   

Despite running the page by himself, ‘IOTK’ has been a valuable platform in the British business industry, providing great opportunities for young entrepreneurs to network as well as share their story and advice.

Ted, who is also a best-selling author with The Manifestation Journal, said

“It’s a real honour to have my hard work finally noticed after 5 years of flying under the radar building an almost cult-like following of entrepreneurs”.  

“There had been so many moments where I wanted to quit, not just in business but just with life in general…so I’m just so glad that I gave myself that second chance and have gone on to help so many other people in the process”.   

“For anyone out there that may be struggling mentally too, just keep fighting. Get involved in something you enjoy and before you know it, it will grow into something that will reward you significantly. I’m living proof that you may be down, but it doesn’t mean you have to be out”.  

Looking forward, the award-winning, best-selling author & entrepreneur wants to capitalise on his recent wave of attention and aims to work with the government to help even more young people discover the world of business. 

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