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The Apprenticeship Diversity and Social Mobility Forum returns next week

Gillian Keegan MP, Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills, speaking at the 2020 Winter Forum with Isa Mutlib

@isamutlib and @bameaaUK – Defining the roadmap for socio-economically disadvantaged communities out of deprivation and into positions which give individuals economic empowerment has long been discussed with thousands of initiatives rolled out. 

Likewise with diversity and inclusivity of organisations.

There’s not enough hours in the day to talk about how companies Globally lack diversity across all areas of business. 

Particularly in our work at the BAME Apprenticeship Alliance, we have seen how underrepresented Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic apprentice talent are when looking at entry data.

A deep dive will reveal whilst Government may champion successes in the rise of ‘BAME’ representation, the reality presents a different picture when looking at the intersectionality of ‘BAME’ representation.

Data from the Government shows that Black talent in apprenticeships actually decreased over the last two academic years whilst Asian talent saw a rise. Whilst this may be marginal, it’s a worrying trend.

One way of addressing this is by discussing the elephant in the room: money!

Gillian Keegan MP, Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills, speaking at the 2020 Winter Forum with Isa Mutlib

Next week sees the return of The Apprenticeship Diversity and Social Mobility Forum, a virtual forum that brings together experts and thought leaders on diversity and social mobility to share knowledge and insights for socio-economic development.

The next forum takes place on 12th and 13th April 2021 with two primary sessions discussing:

  • Why diversity and social mobility needs serious investment
  • Investing in communities, where it’s worked and why

Each session is 60 mins per day.

The forum is backed by The Social Mobility Commission, Mindful Education and The City and Guilds Foundation. 

The founder of the forum and Chief Executive of The BAME Apprenticeship Alliance, Isa Mutlib, commented:

“Very rarely do we get an opportunity to talk about why there is a lack of investment in addressing both diversity and social mobility. The tragic events of 2020 and the uprising of the Black Lives Movement prompted companies to do more and we saw millions being pledged.”

“But to what effect? That’s why I believe it’s important to speak directly to companies about how they can ring fence money to truly invest in diversity and social mobility.”

To register for the forum, click here. Tickets are free.

To watch back previous forums, visit

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