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The latest from #FAB2022

The latest from #FAB2022

The FAB 2022 Conference, Exhibition and Awards returned this year on 20 & 21 October for a FAB-ulous two day conference and awards ceremony!

We were delighted to livestream four key sessions from #FAB2022 and the prestigious FAB Awards Ceremony.

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You can also find our Livestream running order through this page.

Stream One: State of the Industry

This epic livestream featured Kirstie Donnelly MBE, Co-chair of the Federation of Awarding Bodies, Frank Douglas, CEO, Caerus Executive and Paul Kett, Director-General Skills Group at the Department for Education.

Stream Two: The Skills World Live Radio Show at #FAB2022

Host, Tom Bewick, chats to this weeks panel asking for their opinions on:

  • Anti-racism in education – what does it mean?
  • How do we close the attainment and disadvantage gap?
  • What contribution can neuro-diversity in the curriculum add to the inclusion debate?
  • How do Awarding Organisations and educators navigate contested discourses about race, gender, sexuality, disability, class and identity?
  • What responsibilities does the FE sector have to ensure freedom of expression and diversity of thought?

On the panel:

  • Kirstie Donnelly MBE, Co-chair, Federation of Awarding Bodies
  • Robin Landman OBE, Black Leadership Group, Exec Member
  • Dr Louise Karwowski, Cognassist, Director of Education
  • Dr Alka Sehgal Cuthbert, Don’t Divide Us, Director

Stream Three: Generation Z and learning in the metaverse

This stream features:

  • Tracey Follows, Futuremade, Founder, CEO
  • Esther O’Callaghan OBE, hundo, Founder, CEO
  • Jo Redfern, 24 Watts, Global Brand Director
  • Tom Bewick, Federation of Awarding Bodies, Chief Executive

Read the report here!

Stream Four: FAB 2022 Awards

To round off Day One, we found out who won this year’s FAB Awards!

Stream Five: What skills policies might AOs want from a potential future labour government?

Day Two and our final Livestream of #FAB2022! 

On the panel, we have:

  • Rt. Hon Lord Blunkett, House of Lords
  • Alan Woods OBE, VTCT, CEO & Co-Chair FAB
  • Kimberly Curry, Signature, Assessment and Compliance Manager
  • Greg Warman, Vet Skill Limited, CEO
  • Carol Snape, Gateway Qualifications, CEO

Lord Blunkett shares his thoughts on the future of skills, just before launching his new report next week:

Kirstie Donnelly (CEO of City & Guilds and FAB Co-Chair) discusses Equity, Equality and the emergence of Gentrification of Apprenticeships

City & Guilds CEO Kirstie Donnelly MBE hosted a couple of very interesting sessions exploring diversity, inclusion and opportunity at FAB 2022. Kirstie shares the outcomes from her session with Frank Douglas about the difference between Equity and Equality. Frank also made an interesting point about how many parents Apprenticeships are a Plan B, but how can we make this a Plan A.

Interestingly, Tony Sewell in a later session discusses the ‘Gentrification of Apprenticeships’ by parents and families who have a greater understanding of the Apprenticeship system.

So Kirstie discusses this very interesting emerging situation and also explores the current job market and skills system. Check out the chat with Kirstie below 

Behind the scenes at #FAB2022 – the LED wall in the main stage is amazing… but what is it like behind the scenes?

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