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FAB launches new report: Gen Z and the future of learning in the metaverse’

Gen Z and the future of learning in the metaverse

FAB launches new report on how a big generational shift is already shaping the future of learning and assessment

Today, 19th October 2022, the Federation is publishing: ‘Gen Z and the future of learning in the metaverse’. [ISBN 978-1-3999-3867-9]

The independent report was commissioned from the futurist and author, Tracey Follows.

Launching the report at the Federation’s annual conference in Leicester, Tom Bewick, FAB chief executive, said:

“Now is the time to start preparing for the next generational shift in society. The people born between 1997 and 2012 are either in education or early-stage careers.

“They are the first generation in human history to grow up in a completely digital world, where access to information, knowledge and entertainment is instantaneous.

“It’s why we commissioned this report from the renowned futurologist, to help the awarding and assessment industry start to prepare for the seismic change that is coming.”

“FAB’s members are committed to evidenced-based policy through diverse action and thought leadership. We believe in a dynamic market-based FE and skills system where we put the learner, not institutional structures first. Reports like this make it clear that the old way of doing things is being seriously challenged from the bottom-up.”

In the report, Tracey Follows, writes:

‘Knowledge is now on-demand, with the learner at the centre. Mind you, the democratisation of knowledge doesn’t guarantee a good education. As the saying goes, ‘knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put it in the fruit salad’.

In a reputation economy fuelled by social media, knowledge is often judged on the authority, acceptability and likeability of the person sharing it. But how can we tell if that ‘knowledge’ is based on fact, or has been tested by reality? Increasingly, we can’t. What learners are missing now are the means to properly assess this knowledge and understand how best to apply it.’

The report makes several independent recommendations for the awarding, FE and skills sector to consider, including ensuring that a good balance is struck between technology and teaching.

Throughout, the report makes the case for a learner-centric model, one that recognises diversity and inclusion in all its forms.

Download a free PDF copy of the report here.

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