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Introducing ClickUp Brain: The First AI Neural Network for Work 

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ClickUp is leapfrogging the industry with three AI assistants designed to streamline work and save you time.

Today, ClickUp, the productivity platform that brings work together in one place, announced ClickUp Brain, the next generation of ClickUp AI. ClickUp Brain is the first AI offering that pulls knowledge from across an entire organization’s workspace to eliminate work about work.   

ClickUp Brain is comprised of three distinct yet complimentary products: AI Knowledge Manager™, AI Project Manager™ and AI Writer for Work™. Together, they dramatically accelerate routine tasks, freeing users to focus their limited time on innovation and leadership. 

  • AI Knowledge Manager: Ask questions and get contextual and complete answers from your Docs, tasks, and projects.  
  • AI Project Manager: Manage and automate your work including progress reports, individual standups, and team updates.  
  • AI Writer for Work: Perfect your writing with role-based prompts, suited for your job’s specific needs. 
  • ClickUp Brain is the only productivity AI that pulls insights from everywhere that your work lives, including tasks, Docs, and Dashboards. While other writing assistants do basic generative AI with a skin on top of ChatGPT, AI Writer for Work uses its knowledge of your role and situational context to write brilliant content suited for the occasion. 

ClickUp Brain is more accessible than ever. With a conversational interface, you can easily navigate to ClickUp Brain from anywhere in the platform and ask questions the way you would to a colleague. ClickUp Brain sits within the workstream, making it immediately available and eliminating the labor and time wasted toggling to another tool. 

“At ClickUp, our mission has always been to save people time,” said Zeb Evans, CEO and Founder, ClickUp. “AI tools are everywhere, but none are saving you time through every step of your work day. ClickUp Brain is deeply embedded in the place you do work; it bridges the gaps and connects the dots across your work, your communication, and your knowledge. ClickUp Brain is here to save you time and eliminate work about work.” 

“ClickUp Brain revolutionizes our workflow, enhancing weekly leadership updates with dynamic, detailed narratives,” said Phillip Quinlan, Head of Operational Innovation, University College of Dublin “Its Docs feature streamlines meeting preparation, elevates content beyond mere one-liners, and the chat summary tool efficiently recaps important discussions for clarity and action. ClickUp Brain really is a new era of AI that truly makes an impact.” 

ClickUp Brain is available now for all customers at just $5 per user per month. 

To learn more, please visit our webpage and sign up for a free trial. 

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