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AI in Work and Skills Forum Paves the Way for an AI-empowered Future

AI in Work and Skills Forum Paves the Way for an AI-empowered Future

The recently concluded AI in Work and Skills Forum has set a new benchmark for conversations around artificial intelligence and the future of work. The groundbreaking event, held last week, brought together industry experts, thought leaders, and policymakers to forge a path for AI’s role in enhancing human capital and potential in the workplace.

Over the course of the forum, two panels tackled the industry’s most pressing issues. The first panel on “AI for Recruitment and Skills Development” featured key figures such as Kassim Hussein from Cleveland Clinic London, Sue Attewell of Jisc, and Patrick Craven of City & Guilds, highlighting the transformative influence AI has on recruitment processes and the upskilling of the workforce.

In the second panel, “Ethical Implications of AI on the future of work,” experts like Chanell Daniels from Digital Catapult and Simon Staffell of Microsoft engaged in a vital discourse on ensuring AI’s ethical integration into society, maintaining human values at the forefront of technological progress.

A highlight was the contribution from Jack Watson from the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT), who emphasised the importance of skills development in allowing the UK to capitalise upon the transformative potential of AI. His appearance follows the UK hosting the world’s first AI Safety Summit which brought together world leading AI nations, companies, experts and civil society groups for the first time to discuss the global future of AI, including how to tackle frontier AI risks and how to improve frontier AI safety.

Isa Mutlib, the Founder of the AI in Work and Skills Forum said:

“We are at the precipice of a new era where AI will redefine the landscapes of work and education. The success of this Forum is a testament to the collaborative effort towards building a future where technology uplifts every member of society,”

Leading figures including the CEO of Salesforce UK Zahra Bahrololoumi, the Permanent Secretary for DSIT Sarah Munby and CEO of BCS Chartered Institute of IT Rashik Parmar have also extended their support to the forum alongside key partners including City and Guilds, NOCN Group and University Vocational Awarding Council.

This Forum also marked the launch of the Vision 2026, an ambitious roadmap to ‘Engage and Empower’ future of AI talent through the forthcoming launch of the ‘AI Work and Skills Academy’ and the return of the forum in 2024 in London and across the country.

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