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Living it everyday. FE Soundbite edition 745

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Welcome to FE Soundbite Edition 745, 11th May 2024: Living it everyday

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Gavin’s Reflective Perspective

I hope you had a great week. Wow, a bit of sunshine sure makes a difference. I titled FE Soundbite, living it everyday, as I was inspired by Nikki Juffs article: EPA is not just for Gateway! Nikki’s point is that End Point… should not be thought of at the end of the Apprenticeship… but be front and centre from the get go.

Which made me think.. that is just living it… aiming for the end at the beginning… shouldn’t that be what we are all thinking of for every qual, lifelong learning (but in an agile way, adapting, small incremental steps to get where we, our employers and learners need)? Which coupled in a lot of what Kerry Boffey was talking about in her article from this week: Upskilling The FE Workforce to Meet Changing Needs

I also enjoyed Dr Nancy Doyle’s article: What Does the Neurodiversity Movement Teach Us?

I also thought it was a clever title that was worthy of a mention from Blackberry’s Keiron Holyome: Why the education sector needs to do the homework on cybersecurity as attacks soar

Gert-Jan Wijman wrote a cool piece on Unlocking GenZ’s business technologist potential to plug tech skill gaps

FE Voices from this week:

Big Announcements:

A new National Academy for Mathematical Sciences has been launched.. with a £6.4M competition!

Team UK announced who was going to WorldSkills Lyon 2024

Cool FE Voices from this week:

Scott Parkin (aka Mr Employability) wrote The Government Partnership Inquiry ‘Recognition and Responsibility’

Keeping up the cybersecurity vibes and cool play on Education themed titles Manash Ray wrote Hide and seek in the digital playground

I have you checked out the podcast: Equal Opportunities in the Digital Age : Episode 6: AI, Leadership, and the Future of Further Education

I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week

Gavin O’Meara

CEO and Founder

FE News and FE Careers (a new FE Careers is coming soon)!

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