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LapSafe®’s 6 practices as an eco-friendly business

LapSafe®'s 6 practices as an eco-friendly business

Supporting our planet, minimising harmful pollution, and producing sustainable products are all included in the LapSafe® ethos.

Here are the 6 simple practices we adopted to create our green company:

1. Recycling

The bubble wrap and boxes we use on our products all come from recycled materials, where possible these are all reused once we have delivered and installed the units. We also reuse any package from materials that are delivered to our warehouse.

All recyclable waste from our offices, warehouses and factories, such as plastic, cardboard, paper, and glass, are all recycled and taken to a recycling centre by our local council.

This significantly reduces waste and makes a huge impact on our planet; protecting the ecosystem and wildlife, saving energy and money, and reducing the need to make more material.

2. Green Vendors

We only use recycled steel to make our Smart Lockers and Storage and Charging Solutions.

Creating steel from raw materials requires a large amount of iron, ore, coal, and limestone. We chose to only use recycled steel to help decrease the amount of energy, waste, and emissions used for creating it.

3. Minimal Miles

Reducing miles cuts back on harmful carbon emissions and improves air quality.

All our products are made in the UK, and with this, we’re proud to be members of the Made in Britain Association. This reduces any air, land, and sea miles that could occur should we choose to work with overseas suppliers.

Our customer support team can effectively liaise with our customers via telephone and video calls, solving any issues remotely, rather than travelling around the country to each entity. This remote support saves thousands of miles each year.

As a company, we support a hybrid working environment. Many of our employees can choose between working within the office or at home. With 30+ full-time staff, this modern solution can significantly save on commuting miles.

4. Green Energy

Throughout the LapSafe® HQs LED lighting is used in working spaces, and areas which do not require constant lighting, such as staff rooms, meeting rooms, and toilets are all fitted with motion-active light switches. These simple choices save on electricity and support green energy.

5. Reduce Waste

Landfills produce many toxic gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and hydrogen. These components are harmful to the planet and contribute to climate change.

To prevent additional landfills, any waste material that occurs, such as batteries, technology, cables etc are all recycled. We comply with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling (WEEE) directive.

We recycle components where possible but if we cannot, they are disposed of responsibly following the above directive.

6. Sustainable Products

Our products are built to last the test of time to maximise their working life, with that purpose, we still have products in service that are 20+ years old.

Our Smart Lockers and Storage and Charging Solutions are installed with energy-efficient charging methods to reduce the consumption of electricity for our customers.

Our SmartLine™ charging is incorporated into our power management technology PowaSave™. This intelligent technology understands when a group of devices are fully charged. Once a full charge has been reached, PowaSave™ switches off the power supplies, meaning no electricity is wasted, keeping environmental damage, and running costs low. In reverse, the clever technology automatically switches the power back on when devices need charging.

Environmental Management Certified

We are proud to comply with the ISO 14001, an internationally recognised environmental management system (EMS) standard. It provides a framework for organisations to design, implement, and continually improve their environmental performance. By adhering to this standard, organisations can ensure they are taking proactive measures to minimise their environmental footprint, comply with relevant legal requirements, and achieve their environmental objectives. This framework encompasses various aspects, from resource usage and waste management to monitoring environmental performance and involving stakeholders in environmental commitments.

Year after year we continue to implement more environment-friendly options to support the planet.

You can find out more about our products by visiting our Smart Locker and Storage & Charging pages.

If you have you have more questions regarding LapSafe® and its solutions, you can visit the FAQs page or get in touch with our friendly team via our Contact form.

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