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UN Women collaborates with GTA Black Women in Tech to promote greater diversity in tech industry

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Not-for profit organisation Global Tech Advocates Black Women in Tech has released The Voices in the Shadow, Volume 3 – a book showcasing the journeys of more than 50 Black women in the UK, Ireland and the world who have made a significant impact on the technology industry. This book will be featured in the British Library and 1,000 free copies donated to local libraries and schools across the UK and Ireland.

According to Flavilla Fongang, co-founder of GTA Black Women in Tech, less than 0.7% of Black women currently work in tech. This is in the context of a tech talent shortage in which 68% of businesses in the UK are held back by a lack of tech skills and diversity. “The under-representation of great Black women leaves young Black girls to accomplish their goals without role models or confidence. The Voices in the Shadow series highlights the significant impact that Black women around the globe have made in the tech industry and we’re hoping this book will inspire and open doors for Black women and girls who have ambitions of entering careers in tech,” says Fongang.

To complement the book launch, GTA Black Women in Tech have partnered with UN Women to release the world’s first interactive historical map, chronicling the remarkable, untold stories and profound impact of Black women towards social, economic and gender justice on a global scale.

“Through a pioneering approach that merges the written word, visual arts, and multimedia technology, we aim to create an immersive experience that captivates readers and viewers alike. This collaboration with UN Women ensures that these stories reach diverse audiences worldwide, promoting awareness and understanding of the experiences of Black Women who have been silenced throughout history. Together, we celebrate and amplify their voices, contributing to the ongoing pursuit of equality and justice for all,” says Fongang.

GTA Black Women in Tech was founded four years ago, and in that time has reached significant milestones – including successfully connecting more than 22,000 Black women and allies across the globe, and publishing three books of which more than 2,200 copies have been distributed to school libraries across the UK and Ireland. The organisation has also expanded its reach across Europe, with countries including France and Ireland making strides in promoting diversity in tech. The organisation also works with businesses across the globe to promote diversity in the technology industry, including global organisations such as Google, Accenture and Apple.

In celebration of The Voices in the Shadow Volume 3 which is available to purchase, the Voices in the Shadow Festival will be held on 28 October in London. The event will feature keynote speakers from top tech companies that will share their stories and provide advice and strategies for Black entrepreneurs, as well as those looking to enter professional careers in the tech industry. 

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