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Partnership for Quality Work Readiness Programmes

Engineering Class, Stock from 5% Club

The Engineering Development Trust and The 5% Club are pleased to announce a new “Partnership for Work Readiness.” The collaborative partnership aims to inspire employers to positively act to enhance their engagement with education, and deliver quality work readiness/placement programmes, centred on the successful Industrial Cadets programme.

At a time when there is an unprecedented demand for skills across the country and throughout all sectors of the economy, both partners are keen to help employers maximise the diverse potential of those in education, especially those where the barriers to participation are the greatest. The exciting partnership will also ensure that the provision of quality work readiness programmes accredited by Industrial Cadets – at all levels, but especially at the Platinum standard – are always considered and utilised to best assist students to transition to meaningful and matched employment. Additionally, the partners are keen to challenge the established or out-dated norms in working and workplace practice and ensure the wealth of talent in all areas of our society is maximised in full, to the benefit of engaged employers and the wider economy.

Julie Feest, CEO at the Engineering Development Trust said, “EDT and Industrial Cadets are delighted to announce this new partnership. Industrial Cadets is a widely recognised, accredited awards scheme increasing diversity and inspiring young people through industry-based experiences to become part of the workforce of the future. With this partnership with The 5% Club, we are able to promote to young people The 5% Club members who are committed to build 5% of their workforce in early talent, which makes them great companies for our young people to target for their first role. With employers able to recognise Industrial Cadet Platinum students as part of their Employer Audit, it is a first step towards recognising the importance of the link between outreach and recruitment for companies focused on growth of early talent.”

Mark Cameron OBE, CEO of The 5% Club said, “This new partnership builds on The 5% Club purpose and provides a crucial lens through which we can focus our activity for the benefit of every worker, but especially those young people who face the greatest challenge in accessing workplace learning schemes, by dint of their individual characteristics or social background. Quality work experience and industrial placements are key to success in this area, which is especially relevant in the current climate of near full employment, where employers need to think and act differently to access the employees they need, now and into the future, and to progress and retain those talented individuals already within the workforce …”

He adds, “The 5% Club is well placed for this challenge, with our membership now numbering over one thousand Employers, representing 1.7m workers and over 100,000 staff members on earn & learn schemes. We have a record of inspiring our members to create opportunities using workplace learning, and it is clear there is a need to redouble efforts to ensure all young people understand the world of work, make informed choices and, in due course, benefit from the enhanced employability skills to be gained from meaningful workplace learning schemes, such as apprenticeships.”

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