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A pathway towards responsible, ethical AI

Report cover for a pathway towards responsible, ethical AI

Discussions of artificial intelligence (AI) often jump straight to “ethics”. But there may be a better way. Asking simpler questions first may show that a proposal or product isn’t a good fit for the institution anyway. But if it is, the answers to those questions, and the process of obtaining them, should clarify the ethics, too.

Whether you are choosing, using, or benefiting from artificial intelligence, we hope this pathway will make you more confident in your relationship with it.

Using the pathway

The pathway has four main questions:

  1. Does this proposal fit our institution’s objectives?
  2. Does using AI fit our institution’s purpose and culture?
  3. Are we ready for it?
  4. Does using AI raise particular issues?

by Andrew Cormack Chief regulatory adviser

Understanding the UK Artificial Intelligence commercialisation

19th Oct 2021: The government is undertaking research to explore how AI R&D is successfully commercialised and brought to market.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), along with the Office for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Standards and Internet Governance (DSIG), are leading the research project.

Research consultants Oxford Insights and Cambridge Econometrics have been commissioned with exploring the ways ‘technology transfer’ happens for AI, and are seeking to conduct interviews with those with knowledge of the industry.

The research aims to increase understanding of the following topics:

  • The nature of the commercialisation process for AI R&D;
  • The different routes (public and private) for commercialising AI R&D;
  • The relative effectiveness of these routes;
  • The relative importance of AI technical standards as a route for commercialisation;
  • How to optimise the use of AI technical standards as a route for supporting AI R&D commercialisation.

Who is being invited to take part?

Oxford Insights and Cambridge Econometrics would like to speak individuals with experience and knowledge of the AI development ecosystem, Innovate UK and other funding programmes, Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs), AI patents, AI R&D in the public and private sectors, AI funding and Venture Capital, and AI policy.

What does participation involve?

Our interviews will take approximately 45 mins -1 hour; however, we are happy to accommodate if time doesn’t permit this length of interview. We may request your approval to follow up on specific points and themes identified across all our interactions.

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