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Ada students get incredible results and great future prospects in tech

National College for Digital Skills celebrates “exceptional” achievement.

Talented tech students from Ada, the National College for Digital Skills, have aced this summer’s assessments and are now looking forward to taking up roles as apprentices with prestigious employers – including ARUP, Lloyds Banking Group and the BBC.

Although a third of students who studied the BTEC National Diploma in Computing had never studied the subject at GCSE, 100% passed and over half achieved the highest grades.

For the past two years, the students have studied Ada’s innovative curriculum, co-designed in collaboration with companies to ensure students leave with the skills employers actually need. They will now move on to prestigious apprenticeships – and join Ada’s successful alumni, which includes Software Engineers, Technical Consultants, Frontend Developers, Solutions Specialists, Data Analysts, Financial Auditors, Data Scientists and more.

The Kings Award winning London-based college, which this year moved to a bigger campus in Victoria, to meet an increase in demand for places, is a pioneering digital skills college and charity. It is committed to opening new pathways into tech – a fast growing sector with higher than average salaries, particularly for underrepresented groups such as women and people from low income backgrounds.

Ada students celebrating today include:

Nneka Nonyelson, who achieved D*D*BTEC National Diploma in Computing and is excited to be joining the BBC as a Level 6 Degree Apprentice Software Engineer.Nneka always wanted to study tech and did not allow her gender to stop her from pursuing an industry that is seen as male dominated.

Vanessa Yakubu, who achieved D*D*BTEC National Diploma in Computing. Vanessa, who previously ran a food blog and has experience in web design, had not studied Computer Science before joining Ada. Her skills and confidence have grown over her two years at the college and she gave the Ada Lovelace Day speech in 2022. She is taking a gap year before applying for tech-based degree apprenticeships.

Martyna Rzepka, who also studied the BTEC National Diploma in Computing and is joining ARUP as an apprentice.

Caua Silva-Pereira, who achieved D*D*D in the BTEC National Extended Diploma in Computing; and PhukTao, who achieved D*D*D* in the BTEC National Extended Diploma in Computing – who have both secured degree apprenticeship placements with Lloyds Banking Group asLevel 4 Data Analysts.

Tina Götschi, Principal at Ada Sixth Form, said:

“It is an honour to teach such a talented group of young people, whose passion for tech and commitment to strive inspires me every day. They have thrown themselves into every challenge, showing time and again they have what it takes to thrive in an industry which, in many cases, does not represent them well. But I am confident that, with these fantastic results, and the experience and skills they have developed here at Ada, they can smash any barriers to their success. I could not be more proud.”

Mark Smith, CEO at Ada, said:

“Congratulations to all Ada students on their exceptional achievement.

“They now have their ticket to join an industry crying out for their talent. One where they will be able to come up with creative solutions to make people’s everyday lives safer, healthier, more efficient and more enjoyable. And one where they personally can reap considerable reward.

“For this – alongside their own hard work and the dedication of their teachers – they, and we at Ada, owe thanks to our industry partners, who give their time and expertise to devise teaching, learning and coaching experiences which open doorways that might not otherwise be available.

“Our students have seized every opportunity and they richly deserve their success today and every opportunity that comes their way in the future.”

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