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City Lit launch a range of courses to cater to those seeking career change and personal development

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  • Over 70% of people do not feel happy in their current job.  
  • 64% of us value both job satisfaction and income equally. 
  • Knowledge and skill gap second highest reason stopping people from pursuing new career.  

In response to the shifting landscape of career aspirations and personal growth, City Lit, an institution rated outstanding by Ofsted, is thrilled to announce the launch of its diverse range of 1-to-2-year courses.  

Recent survey data indicates that over 30% of individuals aged 25-34 are actively contemplating a career switch. Recognising this trend, City Lit’s 1-to-2-year courses are tailored to appeal to those seeking fresh opportunities in areas such as art and design, counselling, drama, and massage therapy. With a comprehensive curriculum and expert tutors, students can expect a transformative learning experience to help facilitate the transition to a new career.  

The survey also reveals that 64% of respondents value both job satisfaction and income equally. City Lit recognises the importance of striking this balance and is dedicated to providing courses that not only foster professional development but also contribute to overall wellbeing.  

Moreover, over 70% of respondents express dissatisfaction with their current jobs. City Lit invites those seeking a positive change to explore its courses, designed to reignite passion and purpose in their professional lives.  

City Lit aims to be the catalyst for change, providing individuals with the tools and knowledge to pursue fulfilling careers aligned with their aspirations. Courses have been designed with students in mind and are both accessible and flexible to fit busy lifestyles. Most courses require attendance 1-2 days a week, allowing individuals to balance study with other commitments.  
Embark on a new journey and turn your passion into a profession in 2024 at City Lit. For more information, please visit the City Lit website.  

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