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After a summer of anticipation, HSDC students have finally received their exam results!

A combination of excitement, happiness, and relief was felt among students who received their results today with the option of coming onto campus to celebrate further with their peers and teaching staff.

HSDC Havant student Dan Smith was overjoyed to confirm he will be heading to the University of Warwick to study History and Politics after achieving commendable grades.

Dan, who joined HSDC Havant from Warblington School said:

“Though my time at college may have been long and slightly unconventional as I did a 3rd year and 2 extra qualifications, I would not have had it any other way. A third year at HSDC allowed me to rediscover old interests as well as helping change my focus at University.

Being rejected in 2022 wasn’t the end of the road for me, only the start. After all, everything happens for a reason”.

Lucy Brimecome, who also studied at the Havant Campus, was elated with her results, achieving an A* in Environmental Science, an A* in PE, and an A in Biology.

Ex-Bourne Community College student Lucy who plans to take a gap year said:

“I loved my time here at HSDC, all the teachers were amazing and I had a lot of fun. I made so many friends and I will never forget my time here”.

Another HSDC Havant student Zhasmins Ismail was over the moon to receive her results as she has now secured a place to go to the University of Bournemouth to study Midwifery,

Zhasmins added:

“I loved my time at HSDC. It has been the best time of my teenage years. It was very hard but in the end, it built my character and the person I am today. I loved the events and clubs and am a proud Student Union member as the Equality Officer”.

Vocational and T Level students were also celebrating today at the South Downs Campus.

This included Olivia Maplesden-Harding who studied Musical Theatre at HSDC South Downs and was ecstatic with her final grade and is progressing onto the Institute for Contemporary Theatre to study Performing Arts.

She added:

“It was the best two years of my life – better than any school. I actually looked forward to coming to college.

I got to do what I love to do. Legally Blonde was my highlight – I enjoyed how much we had to communicate, it was nice to know everyone in there.

Don’t be shy, talk to everyone. The first show is the most terrifying thing, you build the confidence and become more confident with the people you know.”

In addition, Max Wooley who studied Health & Nursing at the South Downs Campus said:

“College is a big difference from school as you are not being treated like a kid anymore. However, my college experience has been much more enjoyable as I have really enjoyed hands-on learning.

The practical ward days were my favourite, we dealt with different situations each week. I felt really supported by my teachers.”

Max, who previously studied at Feltham Community School, hopes to continue his studies at the University of Brighton where he will study Paramedic Science.

Elsewhere on the Alton Campus, celebrations continued with former Churchers student Morris Padget who is going to Bath University to study Mathematics, and former Eggars student Matthew Cooke who is going to Imperial London to study Material Science Engineering.

Morris and Matthew added:

“4 A Levels were hard but necessary for what we wanted to achieve. In the 2nd year we realised we had to work really hard to ensure we hit our grades, and this definitely paid off. 

3 A Levels would have been more comfortable, but we are thrilled with our results, we got what we needed and more. If you know what you want to do go for it.”

Meanwhile, Janie Terry who previously studied at Weydon School was overjoyed to announce she achieved as Distinction in Performing Arts and would be continuing her studies at UCA Farnham.

Janie added:

“My results are pretty fab, I thought I was quite relaxed about today, but I woke up early, so I guess I was a bit nervous.

Studying Performing Arts was the best decision I made. I had fab teachers and made great friends and got a Distinction, I am very happy”.

Applications are still open for September 2023, so it is not too late to join us for the next academic year.

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