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Fully Funded Artificial Intelligence Training Unveiled to Propel Teachers into the AI Era

AI Funding

In a ground-breaking partnership, Dan Fitzpatrick, the author of the bestselling The AI Classroom book, has joined forces with MATA (Multi Academy Trust Association) and Primary Goal to offer a monumental opportunity for schools, colleges and MATs across England, to access fully-funded professional development on the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence in education. 

Why This Matters Now:

At a time when new artificial intelligence tools are reshaping the world, this programme aims to ensure that school and college staff are proficiently equipped. With each participant funded at a staggering £13,000, MATs and LEA Schools can now access AI training through the Primary Goal Digital Champion programme at no cost.

Real Stories, Real Impact:

A senior leader at GEMS Wellington International School, shared, “Dan’s session was transformative. His ability to explain concepts in a clear and engaging manner is amazing. I left the session feeling inspired and much more confident in applying AI into my teaching.” 

John Jackson, CEO at London Grid for Learning, shared, “Dan Fitzpatrick is one of the UK’s finest minds on the application of AI in Education bringing critical insights to a subject that has profound implications on the future of this country and the life chances of children.”

This professional development has already started transforming schools and colleges around the world..

Key Features of the Programme Include:

  • Fully Funded through Primary Goal: This flagship Digital Champion programme offers expert digital CPD at no cost to schools, colleges and MATs.
  • A Full Day of AI Focussed Training & Consultation: This will cover practical workshops, strategy consultation and policy development.
  • Resources: Access to an online video course for teachers and follow up guides and tutorials to help implement AI tools.

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