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InnovateHer launch first of a kind cyber security course to help young people stay safe online

InnovateHer, a social enterprise whose mission is to get girls ready for the tech industry has launched a free online course to train young people on cyber security.

Funded by BAE Systems and Innovate UK, Discover Cyber Security aims to educate young people on how they can protect their online identity and avoid becoming a victim of cyber-crime.

The free educational course, suitable for all genders aged 13-17, has been developed alongside BAE Systems with Honey Williams, Security Consultant and Claire Vandenbroecke, Cyber Security Specialist helping to create a unique learning programme.

Students will start their educational journey as cybersecurity ‘apprentices’ and will receive information from their virtual mentors throughout the course. They will learn about the many different roles that exist within cybersecurity and will learn skills such as critical thinking, decision making, analysing data, online safety, problem solving and risk identifying.

Dr Mary Haigh, Chief Information and Security Officer at BAE Systems said:

“We are immensely proud of our partnership with InnovateHer, reflecting our commitment to fostering innovation and empowering those who need it most.”

“Our latest collaboration, a first-of-its-kind cyber course for young people across the UK, stands as a testament to our dedication in shaping the next generation of future cyber talent.”

As stated in a ‘Cyber security skills in the UK labour market 2023’ report conducted by the UK government, there were 160,035 cyber security job postings in the last year, which is an increase of 30% from 2022. Further findings revealed that 37% of cyber security job roles were hard to fill. The Discover Cyber Security course from InnovateHer has been created to inspire and intrigue young people to consider a career in cyber which can potentially offer people the opportunity to work in teams, travel, and continuously learn.

Already tried and successfully tested by 300 Lancashire students, the digital course will now be available for young people across the UK and will take approximately three hours to complete.

One student said:

“I joined this course because I want to do something within the IT field after I am done with my A levels. I have been very interested in cybersecurity as a whole, especially after the InnovateHer assembly.

The fact that there aren’t many women of colour within the field and as a woman of colour who is interested in this field, I felt as though this course would be a good option for me to gain better insight and knowledge.”

The UK government cyber security report also found that only 17% of the cyber sector workforce is female and 14% of senior roles are filled by women.

Young people wanting to participate in InnovateHer free digital Discover Cyber Security Course can register online via the InnovateHer website.

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