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Learn more about a healthier lifestyle at the Nutrition Fair

From guidance on portion sizes to tips for reducing sugar, the University’s annual Nutrition Fair is open to the public once again tomorrow.

Held in Small Hall on the Exton Park site from 11am to 1pm on Wednesday, February 7, the event hosted by the University’s Clinical Sciences and Nutrition team sees final year undergraduate students studying Nutrition and Exercise, Human Nutrition and Nutrition and Dietetics students host individual stalls to promote and educate the University and wider population on topics like bone health, sugar consumption, coeliac disease awareness and much more.

Students will host individual stalls where visitors can find out more about a wide range of health topics:

  • Frugal Foodies – this stall aims to empower students to eat healthily while managing their finances.
  • The Carb Crusader – the team will be on hand at this stall to give the facts about carbohydrates and exercise including how to improve energy levels; find new recipes and more!
  • FeMale – information and raising awareness about the importance of iron intake in the female population.
  • Greedy for Gutness – This stall focuses on the importance of gut health and promoting a diet that is beneficial for the gut microbiome.
  • Sugar Smart Kids – the team here will promote good dental hygiene for parents of children aged from one and a half to ten-years-old through reducing sugar intake.
  • Trust your Gut – tips and advice on the benefits of dietary fibre and how to add it to your diet.
  • How Much is on your Plate? – The aim of this stall is to educate about what recommended portion sizes are and how this looks when trying to make a balanced plate.
  • Fussy to Foodie – visit this interactive stall for practical tips and insights on dealing with fussy eating!
  • Hydration Station – this stall aims to increase awareness of the importance of hydration in the elderly and provide helpful tips to increase fluid intake.
  • The Milk Share – dedicated to promoting awareness and providing information about the invaluable benefits of donor breast milk, emphasising its role in supporting infant health and well-being.
  • Bone Builders – Educating females about the importance of a healthy diet and exercise for strong bones.
  • Against the Grain – advice on what Coeliac Disease is, including a symptom checker and differences and whole food advice, including the importance of fibre and how to manage a new diet if moving away from home or living with someone with Coeliac Disease.

In addition to the Fair, the students have also created an online platform sharing digital resources on their chosen topics here.

Seóna Dunne, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Health, said:

“I’m so proud of the work the students have put in to bringing fantastic useful advice through fun and practical sessions to inspire anyone wanting to learn more about how to improve their health through diet and nutrition.”

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