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learndirect Certifies as a B Corp to Join Top 3 Best Online Education Businesses 

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learndirect’s mission to empower people to better their lives through online education has led to B Corp Certification, propelling them into the top 3 certified corporations in online education 

The online learning provider has been recognised for setting the highest standard in environmental and social performance, as well as accountability and transparency in its day-to-day operations and relationships with its employees and customers. 

For years, learndirect has been focusing on putting people first by making education accessible to those looking to achieve a career goal, get back into work, indulge in a passion, or embark on a journey of professional or personal development. 

learndirect delivers a suite of nationally and internationally recognised qualifications online. This facilitates study from home, making learning accessible to people who are unable to or don’t have the desire to commit to in-person classroom-based education. 

Wayne Janse van Rensburg, Group Chief Executive Officer at learndirect, says:

“We’re delighted to officially become a certified B Corporation. For years, we have been evaluating each facet of our business, from our operations and relationships with employees and shareholders to our product development and customer outcome. Ultimately, we are driven by learner progression and providing people with the qualifications they need to achieve their potential, whatever their circumstances and goals.” 

Chris Neale, Group Chief Operating Officer at learndirect, says:

“By delivering a paperless product, we are not only creating a sustainable future for education, but we’re also giving communities that may have otherwise not benefitted from traditional learning the opportunity to embark on a journey that could better their lives. 

“Being recognised as a B Corp is a big achievement for our business and our learners, but it doesn’t end here. We are committed to operating with transparency, adopting sustainable practices, prioritising employee wellbeing, and making a positive impact on society.”  

Transforming Lives Through Education 

Mum-of-four Lia is one of many who turned to learndirect to achieve a goal, despite circumstances being stacked against them. 

While on maternity leave, Lia, who worked as a Healthcare Support Worker for 6 years through the Powys Teaching Health Board, enrolled on learndirect’s Access to Higher Education Diploma (Nursing) online. 

Despite having a 2-month-old baby and a 23-month-old child to raise at the time, the online nature of her course meant that she was able to get qualified for university from the comfort of her own home. 

Today, Lia, whose children are now aged 18, 12, 3, and 1, is preparing to attend Bangor University this September to study a nursing degree, and she’ll continue at-home learning after applying for the dispersed route. 

Lia’s is one of many success stories at learndirect, and you can watch her journey here.

Tapping into the Pulse of Learners 

Through in-depth research, learndirect has been able to identify the needs and wants of its customer base, understanding the motivations and priorities that drive their decision-making. 

In June, the business released The State of Learning report, providing insight into the commercial education industry and the demands of the modern learner in a digital-first society.  

By identifying how the sector has been evolving and adapting during the UK’s economic crisis and uncovering regional and generational attitudes towards the current education system, learndirect has been able to cater to its customer base, removing pain points and providing a solution. 

As the largest provider of online education, learndirect Digital Group incorporates a range of brands, including LEAP Academy, The Training Room, SmileWisdom, i-to-i, and Animal Courses Direct. 

Offering a breadth of qualifications under a range of industries, including fitness, dental nursing, healthcare, teaching, and animal care, enables learndirect to reach aspiring individuals of all backgrounds and passions. 

Not only that, but the online education business also provides a suite of academic qualifications, including A-Levels and GCSEs, Access to Higher Education Diplomas, and Degree Pathways, giving learners an opportunity to study towards a degree from home. 

By making education accessible, learndirect is supporting social mobility while also operating in a way that prioritises people and the planet, leading to B Corp success. 

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