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Nexford University, announces completion of US national accrediation

Accreditation cements Nexford’s status as the 21st century challenger option – an alternative to traditional universities

Proves viability of Nexford’s affordable higher education courses – amidst rising student debt

Nexford University, the next-generation online university platform, announces it has been awarded full, US accreditation by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (“DEAC”).

Nexford’s successful grant of US accreditation reaffirms that the university has met the DEAC standards of quality through self-evaluation and peer-review, and proves its credibility to learners, institutions, the government, and other industry professionals.

Based in Washington DC, Nexford’s accreditation follows existing State licensure granted by the Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC) – renewed annually since inception – enabling the online university platform to issue degrees. The accreditation from DEAC, recognized as an accrediting agency by the US Department of Education and Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), provides an additional quality stamp and strengthens Nexford’s position in the US national higher education landscape.

It also proves the viability of Nexford’s status as a challenger university, at the forefront of providing quality education at a fraction of the cost of traditional programs. US student debt now exceeds $2 trillion – greater than total credit card debt and auto loans combined. This alarming statistic shows how crucial Nexford’s offer is: a much-needed alternative to accruing vast sums of student debt, and the unsustainable burden of student loans.

As well as addressing the major challenge of affordability, Nexford is committed to improving the relevance of higher education – using AI to analyze millions of job openings and design a curriculum that provides learners with the skills most desired by global employers. Since inception in 2019, Nexford has offered over 100 skills-focused courses, with over 8,000 learners who have completed more than 33,000 courses and 1,500 degree graduates.

Fadl Al Tarzi, founder and CEO of Nexford University, said:

“We are thrilled to have earned US accreditation and proud that our skills-focused programs – which benefit learners and employers – are being recognized for their quality. It will aid our continued growth across the world, and eventually allow us to enroll learners from 49 of the 50 US states.

Gaining US accreditation cements our status as a 21st century option – challenging the troubled higher education landscape nationwide. Accreditation is another sign that US regulatory bodies are recognizing innovative alternatives to traditional universities who have struggled to adapt to the needs of today’s employers.”

The institutional accreditation applies to all Nexford degrees, courses and certificate programs and brings various community benefits, including opportunities for learners to transfer credits to other US institutions. Learners seeking further post-graduate education will also benefit from the wider recognition Nexford will gain, as it grows its learner community.

In line with Nexford’s strong collaborative ties with employers, accreditation will facilitate a tax-deductible benefit for many US companies offering tuition as an employee benefit. The benefit – worth up to $5,250 per employee per year – helps companies significantly reduce costs by offering beneficial tax-deductible education reimbursement.  At a time when 69% of US employers are reporting skill gaps according to a recent Wiley survey, tuition reimbursement is helping employers upskill employees to address internal skill gaps.

From inception, Nexford has been designed to deliver a 100% online next-generation university experience, specifically to deliver high-quality – yet affordable – education to all, preparing its learners for the 21st century workplace.  Accreditation provides additional assurances that Nexford programs meet established standards necessary to produce graduates who have achieved stated learning outcomes and are ready to enter the global workplace.

Recent Nexford data indicates that the main career objective of 40% of contacts surveyed was qualifying for remote jobs globally. Nexford’s Global Grid mentorship program aims to develop talent and deliver the skills leaners need to qualify for remote jobs, rendering their physical location no longer an inhibitor to social and economic mobility.

Nexford’s tech-enabled business model delivers education efficiently without compromising on quality. Average annual tuition for a Master’s degree from Nexford costs $2,800 – a fraction of the US national average of $36,000.

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