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One in every 379 education businesses up for sale, new report finds

One in every 379 education businesses up for sale, new report finds

A new report has found one in every 379 education businesses are currently up for sale after a challenging year for businesses.

The UK Business Investment Report was carried out by equity management platform Vestd, after the latest government figures revealed that firms going bust are at their highest levels since 2009. 

The report analysed business data from sale platforms RightBiz and BusinessForSale and then compared the results to the number of registered businesses per industry. In doing this, they identified the regions and areas that have the highest proportion of companies on the market.

At the top of the table, hospitality, restaurant, and bar owners are most likely to sell with one in every 9.8 businesses up for sale. 

At the bottom of the table, owners of agriculture businesses show no sign of closing up shop with just one in every 943 businesses up for sale. Transportation and software/IT business owners followed in a similar vein with one in every 802 businesses being up for sale. 

Industries Most Likely To Sell Up

IndustriesTotal Number of BusinessesNumber of Businesses for SaleProportion of businesses for sale
Hospitality, Restaurants & Bars143,00014,476One in every 9.88 businesses
Technology (Retail)5,664559One in every 10.13 businesses
Medical4,300355One in every 12.11 businesses
Media10,603839One in every 12.64 businesses
Fashion & Beauty83,4251644One in every 50.75 businesses
Financial Services84,000957One in every 87.77 businesses
Retail548,0005614One in every 97.61 businesses
Sales & Marketing25,000222One in every 112.61 businesses
Business Services635,0004066One in every 156.17 businesses
Energy & Natural Resources30,798150One in every 205.32 businesses
Entertainment & Leisure275,0001269One in every 216.71 businesses
Manufacturing & Engineering244,000942One in every 259.02 businesses
Education & Training308,000812One in every 379.31 businesses
Construction914,0001351One in every 676.54 businesses 
Property130,000178One in every 730.34 businesses
Software (IT)335,000418One in every 801.44 businesses
Transportation339,000422One in every 803.32 businesses
Agriculture215,000228One in every 942.98 businesses

Commenting on the research Ifty Nasir, founder and CEO at Vestd said:

“It’s been an incredibly challenging time for businesses over the past year and beyond and our data makes it all too clear that the cost of living crisis is continuing to hit businesses where it hurts, their bottom line. 

“It’s a difficult landscape for business owners looking to put exit exit strategies in place. It’s important that you think about this process well in advance and familiarise yourself with the different ways you are able to sell your business and the pros and cons of each. 

“Planning an exit that meets your individual requirements, as well as those of your business, will make the process of selling as stress-free as possible but that is easier said than done with the current set of challenges.

“If you’re planning to sell your business, make sure you’ve got your team engaged and are working to increase productivity. One way to encourage this is for business owners to share a piece of the pie with their employees through enterprise management incentives. This too can also provide welcome relief to the company tax bill and reward your employees in the process.”

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Vestd utilised business sale data from sale platforms RightBiz and BusinessForSale before comparing with the number of registered businesses per industry to identify what regions and areas have the highest proportion of businesses up for sale to create the UK Business Investment Report. 

All data correct as of October 2023.

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