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Our fantastic new range of CPD is more flexible than ever – and will transform your teaching

Our fantastic range of CPD for the new academic year, run by our trusted STEM teaching experts, features more options and a greater choice across the STEM subjects for teachers and technicians than ever before – which means you can ensure that CPD fits into your busy schedule.

We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re fully aware of the many challenges faced by teachers when accessing CPD. We know that key barriers include being time poor, geographical restrictions, being unable to get cover while you’re attending CPD, workload and many more.

That’s why we’ve created a new range starting in September and running throughout the academic year – tying in with our 20th anniversary year! All of the courses have been devised by our hugely experienced education team who have drawn on their many years of previous classroom experience to create an unrivalled offer which you can trust to elevate and transform your teaching – and reduce your workload and improve your wellbeing.

Intensive, residential CPD will continue to be held at our fabulous National STEM Learning Centre in York which features on site accommodation and delicious food, which will last three or more days. These courses take place over three or more days and will fulfil all of your CPD needs for the year.

We’re also expanding our regional and remote offer with more options to suit your busy schedule. The regional shorter CPD (one or two days) will be held at several venues across England, and our remote offer will focus on subject knowledge and feature sessions lasting up to six hours.

We’ll also have local instances of our CPD (half a day) and online CPD options too.

Our courses will continue to be led by our hugely experienced Professional Development Leaders. These classroom practitioners are experts in demonstrating techniques for improving your teaching practice, furthering your professional development and providing you with clear strategies and ideas to take back to the classroom to really inspire young people.

Due to changes in funding from the Department for Education, subsidies are no longer available. With thanks to industry funding, our CPD remains competitively priced and we hope that you can find a suitable course.

Our secondary science CPD lead Louise Herbert explained the strategy behind the courses, and also highlighted the many benefits.

She said:

“Every single course is led by a brilliant Professional Development Leader and every course will help your teaching practice immensely – as well as improving your wellbeing, reducing your workload and increasing retention. Teachers and technicians who attend our CPD consistently tell us that it’s helped them hugely when they return to the classroom. They gain satisfaction from implementing proven strategies, improving the learning environment and improving procedures through the sharing of their own experiences and challenges with network.

“All of the education team have worked in a lot of schools and talked to a lot of teachers! Excellent classroom practice is what drives us. It can often be lonely in a classroom, and sometimes you need another teacher to tell you how they’ve approached a challenge and implemented a successful strategy. This is what our CPD is all about.

“Most of our course participants on our residential CPD stay in touch. Quite often they’ll meet someone on a course who’s facing very similar challenges to them in a different part of the country – they get to know each other and share ideas to help each other out and build a strong network. This can be particularly important if, for example, you’re a physics teacher. There are a lot of lone physics teachers out there, so it’s lovely to come away from a course thinking you have some support. You can also keep in touch with the PDL delivering the course too.”

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