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Porto Business School deepens ties with South Africa through a $120,000 scholarship program and academic partnerships

Porto Business School announces new scholarship program to deepen the connections with South African academia and the business ecosystem.

In a landmark move, Porto Business School has introduced a distinctive $120,000 (2.283,725,05 South African rand) scholarship program to encourage young professionals, executive women, exceptional MBA candidates whose GMAT exam score above 700, and Portuguese and Portuguese descendants in South Africa to pursue an MBA abroad.

José Esteves, Dean of Porto Business School, is set to further this mission with a visit to South Africa from January 24th until February 2nd. This visit to South Africa is being supported by South African Ambassador to Portugal, Ms. Mmamokwena Gaoretelelwe, which will culminate in a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Toutele Agriculture College and AgriSETA (Agricultural Sector Education Training Authority), to lay the groundwork for innovative academic collaborations, including dual diplomas, immersion weeks, joint programs, and student exchanges. Vision Quest Institute is also a major partner to this visit by providing stakeholders relation support and mentorship building.

A pivotal moment of this visit is set to be the one-on-one meeting between His Majesty King Mathupa Lameck Mokoena and José Esteves, Dean of Porto Business School, aiming to build a bridge between cultures and economies, advocating mutual benefits, such as collaborative ventures, cultural exchange, and shared knowledge.

On January 30th, at Toutele Agriculture College, José Esteves will teach a masterclass on Transformational Leadership for Aspiring Global Leaders, which involves creating a vision and guiding change through inspiration and motivation. It emphasizes being a positive force to mobilize organizations and inspiring team members to surpass their goals and potential.

This visit includes strategic meetings with influential academic institutions and business representatives, fostering partnerships, which are pivotal to educational and entrepreneurial growth. José Esteves, Dean of Porto Business School, will meet with the Gordon Institute of Business, Wits Business School, AICEP Portugal Global – Trade & Investment Agency and Instituto de Camões. The Dean of Porto Business School will also meet with the South African Department of Higher Education and Training, AGRIseta (Agricultural Sector Education Training Authority), the Portuguese Ambassador, José Costa Pereira, and the South African Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (SAPCC).

José Esteves states: “In this era of global connectivity, our commitment at Porto Business School encompasses contributing to a world where education transcends borders. This scholarship program tailored for the South African candidates and the collaboration with academia and business players are pivotal to this vision. These efforts reflect our dedication to nurturing a relationship with South Africa’s vibrant community and its Portuguese heritage, encouraging a new generation of leaders through excellence in education and meaningful leadership”.

In addition, South Africa, where the Portuguese community is one of the largest in the globe, ranging around 450,000 Portuguese and Portuguese descendants, and the African continent generally, are a key focus of growth for Porto Business School. Towards the end of 2023, the business school launched the Innovation x Hub that fosters innovation and drives positive impact through projects, applied research and educational programs through its Impact Centers, and in collaboration with organizations, entrepreneurs, and academia. Africa Futures Center is one of the impact centers of Innovation X Hub, which  works on developing a cross-continental relationship with Africa through innovative partnerships, knowledge exchange and inclusive leadership.

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