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Rise Up Announced as Headline Sponsor for the LPI’s 2024 Learning Awards

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The awards will take place on the 22nd February 2024 at the Grosvenor House in London

Rise Up, Fosway’s accelerating Core Challenger for Learning Systems, has signed up to be a headline sponsor of the 2024 Learning Awards hosted by the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI).

Established in 1995, the LPI is a self-governing professional body for global workplace learning professionals and organisations. Their annual Learning Awards celebrate outstanding achievement, best practice and excellence in workplace learning and performance.

Arnaud Blachon, CEO of Rise Up said:

“Here at Rise Up, we have a profound belief in the power of learning and innovation to shape a brighter future for everyone; our mission is to enable learning in the flow of work for all. Sponsoring the LPI’s Learning Awards is not just an investment in recognising excellence but a commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and skill development. These awards mirror our values by celebrating those who strive for knowledge, embrace growth, and harness the potential of learning to lead us into a new era of progress and enlightenment.”

Rise Up’s strategic relationship with the LPI holds a special place in the company’s journey. Being bestowed the status of Accredited Learning Technologies by the LPI in 2022 and 2023 validates their dedication to delivering best-breed learning solutions. By aligning its mission with the LPI’s commitment to learning effectiveness, Rise Up aims to create a future where learning is not a separate endeavor but an integral part of every professional’s journey. Together, Rise Up and the LPI are not only recognising achievements but also championing the transformative power of learning to shape a world where innovation knows no bounds.

Rise Up is driving learning-in-the-flow-of-work and personalised training for brands across Europe. Today, its learning technology platform, made up of an LMS, LXP, and Authoring Tool, is underpinned by Rise Up’s LearningOps™ methodology and consultant-led services and serves one million active learners in 73 countries, including the NHS, AXA, RED Driving School, Domino’s, Decathlon, and Sika. Rise Up is an accredited Learning Technologies Provider by the LPI for the 2nd consecutive year.

Rise Up: Own Today

Established in 2014, Rise Up is driving employee training and empowerment for brands across Europe, pursuing its regional expansion, with a recent €30 million in Series B financing. Today, its learning technology platform, combining LMS, LXP, and Authoring Tool across omnichannel and multimodal services, serves 1 million active learners in 73 countries and over 510 customers including AXA, Schneider Electric, Domino’s, Decathlon, and Sika.

Rise Up empowers everyone to Own Today and helps organizations stay up-to-skill in real time. Fuelled by tech, designed for people, and driven by performance, its LearningOpsTM framework drives organizational transformation and enables learning to work at business speed. Its learning software solution delivers a personalized learning experience for all stakeholders: trainers, administrators, and learners. Across all approaches, e-learning, face-to-face and mobile, and in compliance with the regulatory framework, Rise Up is a full stack learning technology solution: LMS, LXP and Authoring Tool, omnichannel and multimodal service. For more information, please visit here.

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