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Salford student scoops top business award

Meet Ozgun Avincsal: the University of Salford student who has just been crowned Most

Successful Female Entrepreneur UK in her home country of Türkiye! A MSc Biotechnology student due to graduate in summer 2024, Ozgun set up her company, Healium Health Ltd, 6 years ago in London, and the business has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Initially set up with the aim of engaging in health tourism, Healium Health is now known across the UK and Türkiye for its high-quality products and cost-effective services for consumers. After beginning by providing consultancy services related to cosmetic surgery for UK-based clients, the business expanded to supply lab consumables from Türkiye to the UK.

Now, the focus is on helping those who want to establish clinics or laboratories by simplifying the accreditation and regulatory process.

Fresh from securing the Santander UK Universities award, Ozgun has now claimed the title of the Best UK-based Female Entrepreneur at the International Achievements and Career Awards in a ceremony in Istanbul.

A student not just of the University of Salford, but of the Launch@Salford start-up incubation programme, Ozgun attributes some of her success to the programme, which is designed to equip budding entrepreneurs with the tools they need to make their business idea a reality.

“I learnt so much during my time on the Launch programme,” says Ozgun. “It was fantastic to meet like-minded people, and the networking opportunities that were offered to me through the programme really helped Healium Health to grow and thrive. I received dedicated mentorship from the Salford Business School academic team, and this has truly transformed my university experience and made it better. The Launch team are an amazing group of individuals, and the programme offers almost unlimited support to budding entrepreneurs. I am so grateful to everyone involved with the programme for their ongoing help and support.”

“To receive this award is a great honour, and I want to show to all young female entrepreneurs that you can do it: anything is possible!”

Paul Little, Incubation Manager at Launch@Salford, added:

“Ozgun really is an example of how powerful the Launch programme can be, and it’s amazing to see her take home this award in her home country. Internationalisation is an increasing focus for Salford Business School: we want our students to be equipped for the world of business across the globe. I’m extremely proud that the Launch programme has helped Ozgun to run her own global business: I’d like to thank her for being such a dedicated student. Ozgun’s story shows that starting a business doesn’t have to be a pipedream – anyone can do it with the right support!”

The Launch@Salford programme is open to all University of Salford alumni and current students. The programme is currently recruiting for its third cohort, to start in the new year.

For more information about the programme, including a link to the application form, visit here

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