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Sea Tutors Awarded “Best Specialist Private Tuition Company 2023 – UK” by Corporate Vision


Oxford, UK – Sea Tutors has been recognised as the “Best Specialist Private Tuition Company 2023 – UK” in Corporate Vision Magazine’s Education and Training Awards. This accolade marks a significant milestone in Sea Tutors‘ commitment to providing an exceptional learning experience in the most unique of settings, upon the ocean waves.

Created by the prestigious team at Tutors International to cater to the niche demands of elite families who choose to spend their time at sea, Sea Tutors has been making waves in the industry by offering highly specialised tutoring services that seamlessly integrate quality education into the nautical lifestyle. The expertise and experience in successful placements differentiate Sea Tutors from their counterparts, demonstrating a unique confluence of luxury and learning.

Adam Caller, the founder of Tutors International and Sea Tutors, expressed his gratitude, stating, “It is with pride that we accept this award. This signifies the dedication and innovation we have harboured at Sea Tutors and the transformative learning experiences we have cultivated for our students at sea. This recognition fuels our commitment to continue forging new frontiers in elite private tuition.”
Sea Tutors leverages Tutors International’s prowess to pioneer an academic structure that transforms life on the ocean waves into an oasis of learning and growth.

Caller states, “This recognition reflects our commitment to offering unparalleled educational experiences on the high seas. We recommend families considering this enriching endeavour to contact us as soon as possible. By doing so, we can ensure the perfect alignment of tutors who are adept in their fields and the perfect match to cater to your unique educational aspirations.”
For those thinking of taking their family to the seas, Embark on an educational voyage like no other by visiting the Sea Tutors website

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