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Share Your Skills: Educating the Next Generation

Habib Rahman enrolled with CRC straight from secondary school as an Apprentice with Marshalls Aerospace. After 3 years, Habib completed his apprenticeship and moved into full-time employment with Marshalls as a Mechanical Manufacturing Technician. Rahman spent a further 7 years working in the industry before he turned his attention to teaching. A family history of working in education had made an impact on Habib and he was keen to follow the same career pathway as his father. 

Habib said, “I am passionate about passing on my knowledge and skills to young people. I wanted to be able to share my experience of working in the industry with the next generation of Engineers, so when I was given the opportunity to teach, I jumped at it.”

Habib completed his teacher training at another college and after 3 years of teaching, he started to look for opportunities closer to home. Habib joined Cambridge Regional College in 2020 as a Lecturer in Engineering. Upon joining CRC, new lecturers at CRC are supported by the Excellence Coaching team, whether they are new to teaching or moving from another employer, to ensure a smooth transition into the teaching role. 

Habib added, “The support I have received from the Excellence Coaches, Sam, and Paul has been invaluable. I know that I can go to them whenever I need help and support. 

Moving from industry into teaching is a great way to pass on your knowledge and skills to help young people succeed. Watching the students work towards a career in a sector that means a lot to you personally is very satisfying.”

Knowing that I am supporting the next generation of Engineers makes me very proud.”

Habib Rahman

Find out more about studying Engineering at Cambridge Regional College. If you are interested in moving from industry to teaching to Share Your Skills visit our vacancies page where you will find contact details for Human Resources.

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