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Students take aim at criminals on day of cross-border police operations

COLEG CAMBRIA learners helped officers take aim at criminals on a day of cross-border police operations.

As part of a programme organised by North Wales Police, British Transport Police and Cheshire Constabulary, Uniformed Public Services (UPS) students engaged in activities centred around the joint campaign Operation Crossbow, focused on disrupting cross-border criminality.

The day began with a convoy of police operational vehicles, which made their way from Chester to Cambria’s Deeside site.

North Wales officers met with the Level 3 cohort to give them a briefing on their plans for the morning and the group were able to keep up to date with proceedings via radio before being given PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and transported to parks across Flintshire to help perform knife sweeps and ensure there were no weapons around.

On returning to college, they were given a debrief by officers and will reflect on the campaign as part of their upcoming studies.

UPS tutor Jason Ferguson thanked both Forces and said: “This was an incredible experience for the students, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a real life, real-time police operation.

“To be able to participate and contribute to such an important campaign at the heart of our community was amazing and has given the learners a flavour of what could lie ahead in their future if they pursue a career in the emergency services.

“We are so grateful to North Wales Police and Cheshire Police and glad we were able to support them in the fight against knife crime on both sides of the border.”

North Wales Police Chief Inspector Emma Parry added: “The Uniformed Public Services (UPS) students did an excellent job assisting officers to carry out knife sweeps across three parks and anti-social behaviour hotspots in Flintshire.

“The project aimed to empower the students to take part in community policing and was part of our crime reduction campaign, which formed part of Operation Crossbow.

“The high visibility day of action between North Wales Police, Cheshire Constabulary and British Transport Police took place across Flintshire, Wrexham and Chester to disrupt against cross-border criminality.

“The activity was a chance for the students to make a difference in their community, help in the fight against knife crime and offered them a taste of what a career in policing might look like.

“Although no knives were discovered, the searches were a huge success, and resulted in drugs paraphernalia being located and seized to support local intelligence.”

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