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Sub-Committee on Overseas Territories issues call for evidence on education

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The Foreign Affairs Committee’s Sub-Committee on the Overseas Territories today issues a call for written evidence on how the UK Government supports the education of students from the Overseas Territories both in the UK and in their respective territories.

The provision of education is devolved to local Overseas Territory governments. However, the UK Government has a responsibility under Article 73 of the United Nations Charter to promote their political, economic, social, and educational advancement.  

There currently three Overseas Territories that do not have access to higher education facilities in territory: The Falkland Islands; Pitcairn; and St Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha. 

The 2012 Government White Paper named education as a “priority” for aid assistance, including teacher training, UK-Territory partnerships, and related infrastructure improvements, such as schools and internet access.

This call for evidence focuses on the support students and institutions get from the UK Government and asks what areas there are for improvement to their approach, particularly in relation to higher education provision. 

The deadline for submitting written evidence is 25 March 2024, after which the Sub-Committee intends to hold a public evidence session. 

The Sub-Committee welcomes written evidence addressing the following: 

  • In what ways is the UK Government supporting education of students from the Overseas Territories? 
  • Is the Government reaching its aspiration to prioritise aid assistance for education to Official Development Assistance (ODA) eligible territories?  
  • What challenges do Overseas Territories students looking to study in the UK face, and what can the UK Government do to help? 
  • To what extent are the various responsible Government departments working together in achieving their goals regarding education and the Overseas Territories? 
  • To what extent have they been responsive to requests and concerns raised by the Overseas Territories and their students?

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