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The Mathew Knowles Open Lecture 2024

Mathew Knowles

Dr. Mathew Knowles, a renowned visiting lecturer at the London College of Contemporary Music (@lccmlondon), recently spent a week in London, participating in a series of events at the iconic Music Box in Southwark. Known for his role as the industry executive and manager of Destiny’s Child, as well as the former manager and father to Beyoncé and Solange, Dr. Knowles is recognised as one of the most successful music managers and music executive of the modern pop era.

On Monday the 24th of June, Dr. Knowles participated in a panel discussion on the topic of Diversity in Music, joined by esteemed guest speakers including Arit Eminue, an award-winning Chief People Inclusion and Culture specialist, and Lashawna Rose Stewart, A&R Manager at Columbia Records.  The panel explored the crucial topic of diversity and inclusion in the music industry, drawing insights and experiences from the distinguished panelists.

On Wednesday, the 26th of June, Dr. Knowles delivered his much-anticipated open lecture on Artist Management to a packed room of students.  He provided valuable insights into what makes a successful artist manager and emphasised the importance of having an experienced manager to maintain objectivity in an artist’s career. 

He advised,

“You need to build a team and keep it together.  Start with getting a good manager, artist development and build a brand through brand development.”

Dr.  Knowles also addressed the evolving landscape of AI and the metaverse in music production, acknowledging the uncertainties and potential benefits of this technology. He remarked,

“I have a sense that it would be useful on the production side but question it on the vocal side.  What I do know is that we will find a way to adapt, modify and we will succeed.”

In a candid discussion, Dr. Knowles shared his experiences with female bands and the unique challenges they face compared to boy bands. 

He stated,

“The emotions are different and female bands are criticised more.  Their imaging and styling must be right, with hair and makeup for example, and that’s probably not fair.”

The lecture concluded with a focus on vocal health, where Dr. Knowles compared good singers to athletes, emphasising that, like athletes, singers must continuously maintain their fitness and vocal cords to keep improving.   He also mentioned the widespread availability of vocal coaches online for any aspiring singer.

Commenting on the series of events, Anthony-Hamer Hodges, Principal at LCCM said:

“We are honoured to have Dr Mathew Knowles share his invaluable expertise and experiences with our students. His insights into artist management and the music industry are incredibly enriching, and his dedication to nurturing future talent aligns with our mission at LCCM. The engagement and enthusiasm of our students during these events reflect the profound impact Dr Knowles has on our community.”

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