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TSW Training launches ‘The Happy Manual’ – to boost people’s happiness while learning

Bridgend-based training and apprenticeships provider, TSW Training, is launching a new career-fulfilment and happiness at work publication –The Happy Manual.

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Available each quarter as a digital magazine and podcast,The Happy Manualis aimed at helping learners, staff, and the wider public to prioritise their happiness by sharing features that focus on wellbeing, citizenship, equality and diversity, and more.

“When people are learning with us, we don’t just focus on the work they’re completing – we get to know their whole story,” says Stuart Davies, Managing Director at TSW Training. “As we see it, part of our duty as a training provider is to deliver training in a way that suits the learner, understanding they have a life outside work too. Whatever form of professional development you’re undertaking, your learning extends far beyond your working life.

The Happy Manual initially began as a project to help learners with their wellbeing, but it’s grown from a small idea to something much bigger. We believe just about anyone could read The Happy Manual (or listen to the podcast) and take something away from it.”

The first edition of The Happy Manual will focus on ‘Walking for Wellbeing’ and will feature interviews with staff, learners, trained counsellors, local authority figures, and more, to bring together a chorus of voices from the South Wales community and further afield.

“People can browse through it, watching the videos, reading the articles, or listening to the podcast soundbites, and experienceThe Happy Manualany way they like. We’re excited to share it and look forward to more learners, staff, and the wider community getting involved in our next edition.”

To coincide with National Walking Day, The Happy Manual: Walking For Wellbeing will be made available from Wednesday 6thApril at 9am GMT in both digital magazine and podcast form – following this link:

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